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Safer cities: case for open data
Shrubs and trees take root as climate shifts
Brazilian Renewable Energy Company Chooses Victoria
Australian livestock prices defiant as global markets rattled by Covid-19
World-first exhibition on Pacific’s past spans 19 countries
Ornithology lab releases high-resolution migration maps
Air pollution is one of world’s most dangerous health risks
Optus Sport secures Copa America rights and sets up a mid-year blockbuster
New honors for scientists studying ‘ecosystem sentinels’
Winner of DOC’s World Wildlife Day youth art competition
Brazilian beef gains access to US market but dial will be slow to shift
Rio Tinto partners with Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Genetic resistance to lethal virus found in fish species
Global analysis shows unprecedented scale of Australian summer of fire
Birds migrate regardless of climatic conditions
HBF Selects Oracle to Support Digital Transformation
Eight-molecule snake toxin packs a bite for aiding neurological conditions
Tropical trees are living time capsules of human history
Cattle supplies set to tighten as conditions remain in balance
Recreational fisher targeting more sharks and rays
ADA congratulates Australia Day Honours List recipients
International Consortium of Nanotechnologies – a unique model for global collaboration
Mobile protected areas needed to protect biodiversity in high seas
Wild tomatoes resist devastating bacterial canker
Study: Columbus’ Caribbean ‘Cannibal’ Claims Were Correct
Fossil expands ancient fish family tree
Ancient events are still impacting mammals worldwide
Queensland researchers have chance to study at Smithsonian
Novel way to ID disease-resistance genes in chocolate-producing trees found
Detection dogs to sniff out red imported fire ant
Martina’s fight against not-so-fantastic plastic
Optus Sport scores Australian rights to FIFA Club World Cup
Exotic ant detected in Fremantle
Three new FTAs welcome as WTO remains in quagmire
Expanding agricultural exports in Asia-Pacific
Trials promise good news for countries with dengue and Zika virus
Scientists suggest binding goals to rescue Amazon
Violence against doctors increases globally
Study finds sex bias in bird conservation plans
October rise for global food prices
Football confirmed as largest club-based participation sport in Australia
How Aztecs Could Improve Modern Urban Farming
Rosé for racing season
Global beef exports set for growth in 2020
UW team sending autonomous surfboard to explore Antarctic waters
New flights secured by government to lure American and NZ tourists to Cairns
Insectapalooza 2019 will be bigger and buggier – and free
University paleontologists find traces of sabre-toothed cat in Medicine Hat