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Plenty of people moving to Bay
World Statistics Day 2020
Card spending up as COVID-19 alert levels fall
Courgette prices fall back to earth
Accommodation spending low but eating out recovers
Monthly migration remains low
COVID-19 curtails cruise ship visits and spending
Weekly earnings data now available in experimental weekly employment indicators
More than 10,000 townhouses, flats, and units consented in last year
Job numbers up in August
Education sector lifts August job numbers
Imports fall leads to annual trade surplus
New Zealand’s population nears 5.1 million
Young men hardest to count in census
Northern regions lead population growth
COVID-19 sees record 12.2 percent fall in New Zealand’s economy
Fall in imports drives current account surplus
Net international investment position remains steady
Wellbeing outcomes worse for sole parents
Migration flows down to a trickle
Tomato shortage follows lockdown
Hospitality struggles under higher COVID-19 alert level restrictions
COVID-19 alert levels up, card spending down
Wholesale trade sales knocked back by COVID-19 lockdown
Manufacturing sales shrink during COVID-19 lockdown
One in 14 employed people report high risk of losing jobs
A She- cession?
Four in 10 employed New Zealanders work from home during lockdown
COVID-19 slows building activity
Ethnic group summaries reveal New Zealand’s multicultural make-up
COVID-19 knocks spending by overseas visitors and students
Export prices hit new high
Consents for new homes remain high
Mid-winter fall in job numbers
Transport drives households’ carbon footprint up
Continued focus on Women needed as Gender Pay Gap holds steady
Disabled people fare worse in work and wellbeing
Crude oil imports dry up in July
Incomes fall for first time on record
Retail sales plummet in lockdown
Fewer women working in tourism industries
COVID-19 pandemic knocks down producers’ prices
Unemployed people less satisfied with life
Winner announced for 2018 Census commuter data visualisation competition
Kiwis growing taste for takeaways and eating out
Vegetable prices continue to grow
International travel and migration patterns shift due to COVID-19 pandemic
Post-lockdown retail card spending picks up