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Beef cattle continue to increase
Imports fall in lead-up to Christmas
Exports flat despite commodity price falls
Quarterly GDP bounces back, but COVID still a drag on annual growth
Current account returns to deficit as imports rise
Net international liability position narrows as net external debt widens
More departures than arrivals since March
Rents rise 1.0 percent in November
Strawberry prices squished as exports drop
Updated census collection model to be tested in 2021
Shoppers dial up Black Friday deals
Tourist hotspots struggling in September quarter
Manufacturing and wholesale trade sales rebound in September quarter
Construction forges ahead, but services lag behind in wake of COVID-19
Homeownership rate lowest in almost 70 years
Building activity bounces back
Impact of COVID-19 on residential building sentiments in Auckland
Te Whata storehouse of iwi data welcomed by Stats NZ
46-year high for new home consents
COVID-19 keeps a lid on international travel
Largest drop in terms of trade in a decade as dairy export prices sour
Election boosts October job numbers
Annual goods trade surplus at 28-year high
Producing goods – changing face of economy
Retail sales recover in September 2020 quarter
Household saving only just positive
Producers’ prices whey down for dairy manufacturers
Most Kiwis still doing well, but some struggling
Fruit and vegetable prices squashed in October
Low monthly migration since April 2020
Concrete sets solid foundation for recovery
Kiwis wine and dine in October
Neke atu i te 1 tangata Māori o te hunga 6 e mōhio ana ki te kōrero i Te reo Māori
E manaaki ana ngā wahine Māori i te whānau me te whenua
More than 1 in 6 Māori people speak Te reo Māori
Connections to people and place key to Māori wellbeing
Māori women look after whānau and whenua
Unemployment rate hits 5.3 percent due to COVID-19
COVID-19’s impact on women and work
Falling interest rates benefit high spenders
Auckland building consents top $1 billion
Home transfers rebound in September quarter
Nearly 1,000 more big businesses now than two decades ago
Disabled people fare worse in their home, economic, and social lives
Public sector holds up September job numbers
Annual imports continue to fall
Dairy exports dip in September
Vaping in vogue as Kiwis hang up on cordless phones