Latest Togo News

UQ art exhibition honours intergenerational storytelling
UN expert to visit for human rights assessment: Central African Republic
Buoyed by Political Stability Gains, Robust Federal Budget, Iraq Poised to Seize Opportunities on Multiple Fronts, Special Representative Tells Security Council
Ongoing Decline in Gulf of Guinea’s Piracy, Armed Robbery Encouraging, But Support Needed to Fully Implement Yaoundé Architecture, Briefers Tell Security Council
Stakeholders meet in WHO to review progress towards elimination of human African trypanosomiasis
HSF advises Diageo on the completion of the sale of 100% of Guinness Cameroun S.A
Subway Olyroos to debut at Maurice Revello Tournament
UN disability rights committee publishes findings on Angola, Argentina, Georgia, Peru, Togo and Tunisia
Experts of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Commend Peru’s Reform of Disability Legislation, Ask Questions on Discrimination of…
UN disability rights committee to review Angola, Georgia, Tunisia, Peru, Argentina and Togo
Representing Australia in Singapore
UNHCR urges greater support as violence continues unabated in Burkina Faso
One Health in action: Rabies training brings together human and animal health professionals in Côte d’Ivoire
WHO Director-General congratulates Togo on becoming first country to eliminate four neglected tropical diseases
Annual thematic panel discussion on technical cooperation and capacity-building
Elimination of human African trypanosomiasis as public health problem validated in Equatorial Guinea
Sleeping sickness elimination progresses in 2021 despite Covid
Benin, Uganda and Rwanda eliminate human African trypanosomiasis as public health problem
Preparedness gains through PIP PC
Expanding network: Togo gains National Influenza Centre
Peace – Enhancing capacities in medical care in peacekeeping operations
Support to Solomon Islands on show
Experts of Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Commend Gabon on Measures Taken to Deal with Girls School
Sleeping sickness: prioritizing case detection and treatment to achieve elimination as public health problem
Togo’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
Heart monitor, ‘tinder for musicians’ win Big Ideas Competition
Global South perspective on fight against climate crisis
Collection of stories from field
Algae detected at Cudgen Creek and lower Tweed estuaries
Antigua and Barbuda’s human rights record to be examined by Universal Periodic Review
People – Strengthening capacities on anticorruption and sustainable development
UNHCR recommends cessation of refugee status for Ivorians
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Ghana
Australia’s next generation of drone racers flying high
Four Priorities for African Aviation
Insight – India on rise in latest ease of doing business rankings
IMKAN Awards China’s CNTC as Main Contractor for Pixel Project