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Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 for Ferenc Krausz
Early and long-lasting ozone hole, forecasts NIWA
Chemists build synthetic catalysts to break down biomass like super enzymes
Embracing springtime radiance? Protect yourself from harmful UV radiation
Curious Kids: how do black holes pull in light?
Monaro High students embark on exciting learning journey at The Glen
Geomagnetic Field Protects Earth from Electron Showers
NASA selects Cornell astronomer for ULTRASAT observatory
How to get vitamin D without spending too much time in the sun
Volcano eruptions are notoriously hard to forecast. A new method using lasers could be the key
Subiaco Retail Store Closure
Mount Tarcoola Primary School is now the most SunSmart school in the Mid West
What do the different colours of mould mean in my house?
New imaging technique is no last resort
Covering children checks cancer
Tiny device mimics human vision and memory abilities
Ludwig Harvard study uncovers role of ultraviolet radiation in the development of a rare leukemia in the skin
Researchers built an analogue computer that uses water waves to forecast the chaotic future
Queenslanders urged to be sun safe this winter
10 myths about sun protection
New nanoparticle source generates high-frequency light
Metal-poor stars are more life-friendly
Fungi makes meal of hard to recycle plastic
A ‘next-generation’ gamma-ray observatory is underway to probe the extreme Universe
Ghost rodents: get ready to fall in love with Australia’s albino rats and mice
At 75, accelerator physics in Newman Lab still pushing limits
“Inkable” nanomaterial promises big benefits for bendable electronics
Revheads without hats
Vat photopolymerisation 3D-printing processes for dental application
Bushfire smoke eats up the ozone protecting us from dangerous radiation. The damage will increase as the world heats up
‘We just discovered the impossible’: how giant baby galaxies are shaking up our understanding of the early Universe
Color coding aids evaluation of new solar tech materials
Prevention of Phytotoxic Effects of Electrochemical Hypochlorination in Hydroponic Systems
Upsurge in rocket launches could impact ozone layer
A rapidly growing rocket industry could undo decades of work to save the ozone layer — unless we act now
This strange donkey orchid uses UV light to trick bees into thinking it has food
Australia is finally getting a last-chance view of a green comet not seen for 50,000 years
How to treat scars at home – and hopefully make them disappear
The sky isn’t just blue – airglow makes it green, yellow and red too
5 tips for surfers to stay SunSmart this summer
Astronomers witness dying flare of a star torn apart by a black hole halfway across Universe
Dangerous TikTok summer beauty trends
Catching dynamic Coronal Web
5 Things to Know about Skin cancer
Tempted to buy a UV light disinfection gadget?
Out of blue
New guidelines to help recycle lids right
Are bananas really ‘radioactive’?