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High UV prompts SunSmart warnings
Exploring Plasma Loading Mechanism of Radio Jets Launched from Black Holes
Northbridge Golf Club helps reduce men’s risk of skin cancer
NASA selects STAR-X for $3M mission concept study
Efficient Carbon Dioxide Reduction under Visible Light with Novel, Inexpensive Catalyst
Mt Kynoch WTP upgrade to secure supply
Cornell AgriTech at 140: Growing more resilient future
Is James Webb Space Telescope finding furthest, oldest, youngest or first galaxies?
Take burn out of sunscreen testing: experts
Protect your skin this winter
Northern Territory launches to infinity and beyond
Aviation safety gets revamp
QIMR skin cancer researchers enlisted to fight for sunbed ban in England
Indoor tanning ban would reduce melanoma deaths, show researchers
First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III
Scientists Develop Indoor-active Photocatalyst for Antiviral Coating Against Various Variant Types of Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Shedding new light on controlling material properties
With flip of switch, UV-LED lights could be used to kill coronaviruses and other germs
Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant upgrade 29 March
Tradies arent protecting against skin cancer despite up to ten times higher UV exposure
Solar-powered UV water treatment could improve health outcomes in rural Tanzania
Chasing data: Astronomers race to explore ancient galaxies
Study shows sunscreen saves skin
New PBS listings from 1 March 2022
New PBS listing to help fight chronic graft versus host disease
Why is sky blue?
Unique skill set helps ADF taskforce
Wolf Prize for Ferenc Krausz
Newly discovered carbon may yield clues to ancient Mars
Slip on sun protective clothing this summer
Slip on sun protective clothing
New solar ultraviolet radiation fact sheet
Sunscreens – ensuring products are effective and safe for 2021-22 summer
New technology to make finding sun-safe parks easier than ever
New study shows link between weather and spread of Covid
NSW EPA urges community to report illegal solarium operators
Social Cost of Nitrous Oxide is Understated Under Current Estimates, New Analysis Concludes
Advanced wound dressings to change how burns are treated in children
Development of Demonstration Satellite HIBARI with Variable Shape Attitude Control Launching as Demonstration Theme aboard for JAXA
Early, massive galaxies running on empty
Farthest galaxy in universe
Wearable device may help shine light on health benefits of outdoor lighting
This Summer, ensure that you know hazards of working in heat and in air pollution
Study finds playground duty times are a burning issue for teachers
Study: Air pollution laws aimed at human health also help birds
Swipe, match, eat: ‘Weet’ pitches better online dating app
16-year-old cosmic mystery solved, revealing stellar missing link