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Statement following the Thirty-eighth Meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee for Polio
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated: 8 April 2024
UK-US-Australia collaboration scales plant growth in preparation for space exploration
Visit to the United States to support Australian defence industry
Nukes in space: a bad idea in the 1960s – an even worse one now
Scientists Create 3D Map Of Universe
Whooping cough is surging in Australia. Why, and how can we protect ourselves?
Security cooperation in challenging world
Defence scientists tackle underwater communication
Puppets could offer valuable support for autistic teenagers
WA Soaring High And On Track For Full Aviation Recovery
Australian Prime Minister Transcript – Press Conference
Considering taking a weight-loss drug like Ozempic? Here are some potential risks and benefits
UN Human Rights Committee publishes findings on Chile, Guyana, Indonesia, Namibia, Serbia, Somalia and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Jetstar Asia launches Singapore to Broome non-stop service
The first pig kidney has been transplanted into a living person. But we’re still a long way from solving organ shortages
UN disability rights committee publishes findings on Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Sweden and Zambia
Human Rights Committee Adopts Annual Report
WHO calls for greater attention to violence against women with disabilities and older women
ANU Announces New Provost
Dropping Charges Only Clear Path To Freedom For Assange
Princess Of Wales
Do food and drink preferences influence migration flows?
World-class centre tackles sex and gender inequities in health and medicine
Launch of AUKUS Pillar II’s first trilateral innovation challenge
Cyber Targeting Of UK Democratic Institutions
Concerns conveyed to China over cyber activity
Algorithms that predict crime are watching – and judging us by the cards we’ve been dealt
Parliamentary network breached by the PRC
Growth in GP training numbers in communities with health workforce shortages shows incentives work
UN expert welcomes New York State Legislature debate on Sovereign Debt Stability Bill
AFP warns of serious consequences for drug crimes as eleven people jailed in WA since December
Geelong Hosts International Diplomats
Cook Government Leads Red Meat Mission In UK
ACFID calls for a May budget which recognises development as a key tool of statecraft
Bridge Between Cultures
Australia-UK Legal Services Regulatory Dialogue
AUKUS Trilateral Statement
Australian industry and jobs front and centre of AUKUS submarines
AUKUS build and sustainment partners announced
Attempts to access Kate Middleton’s medical records are no surprise. Such breaches are all too common
Queensland delivers more experienced police to Districts
New ACT Director Of Public Prosecutions
Direction of new speed limits rule announced
Australia and the United Kingdom commit to modernising our defence relationship
Australian Army test technology in United States
Australia Army test technology in United States
Now you can get UTI antibiotics from pharmacies without prescription. Here’s what to know