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New research finds half-cardio, half-strength training reduces cardiovascular disease risks
ICECAP-EAGLE has flown 17 January 2024
Team Tokyo Tech wins Bronze Project Award at BIOMOD 2023
In chatty midshipman fish, midbrain awakens gift of gab
Managing Postharvest Storage Issues in ‘Shiranui’ Mandarin
Researchers Develop Spintronic Probabilistic Computers Compatible with Current AI
Announcing the recipients of the 2024 NLA Scholarships and Asia Study Grants
New Technical Advisory Group on Embedding Ethics in Health and Climate Change Policy (TAG-Ethics & Climate Health)
Cornell hosts Engineers for a Sustainable World national conference
Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
Broad Bean Thrives Despite Hyperactive Ion Channel
Scientists come together to explore Critical Zone
Australian-invented drug technology used for treatment of anxiety disorders significantly reduces stress hormone response: Phase 2a clinical trial results
Exploring the Origin of Nucleosynthetic Isotope Variations in Ryugu Samples
North Atlantic’s marine productivity may not be declining, according to new study of older ice cores
We built a ‘brain’ from tiny silver wires. It learns in real time, more efficiently than computer-based AI
Nanowire ‘brain’ network learns and remembers ‘on fly’
Digitizing books can spur demand for physical copies
Appointments to Competition Taskforce Advisory Panel
Adding crushed rock to farmland pulls carbon out of air
Researchers developing ‘revolutionary’ multi-material for light-based 3D printing
Field-based art class boosts green consciousness
How Universities can join forces to tackle global challenges
Brain biometrics help identify sports concussions
Fungal nutrient sensing could shed light on obesity, cancer
Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2023
Forum examines free expression basics and law
Ag tech can cut billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions
New impulses for immune research
On trail of secrets of immune cells
‘Broadband Prairie’ rural wireless project moves to public phase of researching, testing
Using broad race categories in medicine hides true health risks
Engineering bacteria to detect cancer DNA
Genetically engineered bacteria can detect cancer cells in a world-first experiment
How air travellers can cut their door-to-door emissions right now – by as much as 13% on the Sydney-Melbourne route
Carbon dioxide – not water – triggers explosive volcanoes
Fighting microplastics one beach at time
ARC training centre targets automated vehicle use in regional Australia
Pills from 3D printer
James Webb Space Telescope sees Jupiter moons in a new light
Monash expert: New Nature Medicine study into the use of psychedelic substance, psilocybin, for the treatment of anorexia nervosa
Genetic link with asymptomatic Covid infection
‘Making Camp’ explores camping’s ironies, rewards
Magical Handbook for Afterlife
New center merges math, AI to push frontiers of science
5 July 2023, Cr Anna De Villiers-The Carisbrook Mercury
Honorary Professor Hideo Hosono and Professor Toshio Kamiya received the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize
Researchers identify first genetic marker for multiple sclerosis severity