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UNSW cancer researcher wins NSW Young Woman of Year
Indigenous STEM Awards winners passionate about innovation through culture
MIND over Mediterranean: Australian study suggests MIND diet reduces risk of dementia
Sea ice plays pacemaker role in abrupt climate change
Mark Hughes Foundation awards innovation in brain cancer research
We need to talk about R-word
Australia in recession on GDP-per-capita basis, as 2019 federal budget nears
Our brains reveal our choices before we’re even aware of them: study
UNSW twins plan to double their impact in business
UNSW team helps revolutionise eye care for millions
Artist Allan Giddy’s installation will travel nationally during International Year of Indigenous Languages
UNSW academics receive top honours from the Australian Academy of Science
Semi-identical twins identified in pregnancy for first time
UNSW to lead initiative driving waste and recycling innovation for NSW
UNSW study finds big economic benefits from affordable housing close to the city
Death rates in people on the autism spectrum twice those of the general population: new research
Summit at UNSW calls for recognition of dowry abuse in federal law
Walking in two worlds – making gains and giving back
Smallpox simulation the first research published in Global Biosecurity journal
Indigenous art the turning point for how Australians see themselves
Royal commission must address the epidemic of violence and abuse against people with disability
Is Australia prepared for a cyber storm?
Solving global health challenges
The 2019 Sex Lecture: the benefits of researching the hard-to-reach
‘There’s no reason not to trial pill testing’: UNSW drug policy scholar stands firm on the evidence
Careful using that f-word to describe dingoes, study warns
UNSW joins world’s largest study of migration
‘Coolbit’ aims for personalised comfort advice in specific environments
‘Coolbit’ aims for personalised comfort advice as effects of climate change deepen
Cycling fatalities almost halved since introduction of mandatory helmet laws
UNSW honours India’s Martyr’s Day marking 71st anniversary of Gandhi’s death
Australia failing to close the gap on injuries to Indigenous children, study finds
Banks should licence members after royal commission
Powerful new technology maps Townsville floods in near real-time
Industry and government can no longer dodge issues highlighted by banking royal commission
Safer Internet Day: what you should remember when travelling
$3m deal charges UNSW drive for an integrated renewables future
The question we are all asking: how will the royal commission report bring fairness to financial services?
World Cancer Day: UNSW researchers share their vision for a future without cancer
Suicidal thoughts not a reliable warning of suicide
Children with chronic lung diseases at higher risk of flu hospitalisation
Children with chronic lung diseases at higher risk of flu hopsitalisation
Car crash deaths: speed limit in busy pedestrian areas too high
Kirby Institute announces new Director