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$10m for national stroke & heart research translation accelerator
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UNSW receives over $3m in funding to support rare cancer and disease research
$44 million to expand Australia’s future health and medical research capability
Digging in to our ancient past
UNSW researchers awarded more than $7.9m for infrastructure and linkage projects
$63.4 million for rare cancers and rare diseases research
‘Incredibly detailed preservation’: scientists discover new fossil site in NSW
$5.5 million for clinical trials to treat low-survival breast cancers
Lessons from Great Resignation in how to find meaning at work
High-tech research attracts millions in new federal funding
Community services under strain amidst Covid
Increase in domestic violence over Christmas period
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Study looks at how surfers save lives while staying active
Play it safe and respect river this summer
Lunar architecture: small step for 3D printers, giant leap for humankind
Research centre led by UNSW to unlock potential of best NSW public schools
Helping global environment, one footprint at time
Understanding mass influence activities is critical
It’s not all in their DNA: cancer cells with same genome can behave differently
New policy brief highlights lessons on airport asylum in age of Covid
UNSW scientist wins international conservation award
Creating knowledge and strategies for responsible, ethical and inclusive automated decision-making
Education excellence honour for community leaders
UNSW researcher honoured for outreach in physics community
New technique reveals age of massive Southern Cross star
New hub supports organisational change for gender equality in leadership
Perfect match: UNSW and Sydney FC partnership kicks off new season
One in five future thyroid cancers linked to excess weight
Selfies: Is your life worth few ‘likes’?
UNSW Medicine & Health boasts two Rhodes Scholars in one year
$540 million to continue and expand Australia’s Covid response
Additional funded research projects following ARC Appeals process
Cooling down in Darwin: new heat mitigation strategy launched
Tampa affair: tracing fallout on Australia’s refugee policy