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Apex sharks are becoming smaller, scarcer and it’s changing our ecosystems
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Beyond Needle: What Drives Athletes To Dope?
Kate Jenkins AO To Chair Australian Sports Commission
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Hatching New Beginning At 60
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UniSC Soars Up Ranks Of World’s Top Young Universities
A Mediterranean diet can ease symptoms of stress and anxiety
Spider venom to be developed into insecticide against locusts
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Parents the key to tackling kids’ picky eating: research findings
UniSC Researcher Embarking On Epic Arctic Adventure
Championing Traditional Owner co-design for vital reef fish monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef
Delirium ID toolkit boosts carer knowledge to prevent, manage the condition
Dietitian’s Deliciously Diverse Nutrition Career
Climate change is causing marine ‘coldwaves’ too, killing wildlife
Spider venom, seaweed and bee research projects share million-dollar funding
Trial of new foam treatment for knee pain from osteoarthritis
Brisbane Roar midfielder Jenna McCormick talks longer term goals
‘Post-viral malaise’: Why avoiding the term ‘long-COVID’ doesn’t change anything for those affected
Why Are Drivers Taking More Risks On Beach?
How to help older drivers hang up the keys for good: new research
What happens to F1 drivers’ bodies, and what sort of training do they do?
UniSC helping to determine next flu vaccine for Southern Hemisphere
App Aims To Make Roads Safer For Motorcyclists
Ethical comms at the heart of Janisha’s entrepreneurial vision
Coral bleaching at six Islands in the northern Great Barrier Reef
Study Unlocks Secrets To Animals’ Speed
Tennis anyone? Bad news for skiers as snow season could shrink by 78% this century
Pacific Islanders have long drawn wisdom from the Earth, the sky and the waves. Research shows the science is behind them
Forests future: UniSC chosen to lead new research centre
$100m innovation to secure sustainable forestry future
$100M Australian Forest and Wood Innovations to secure sustainable future for forestry
Scholarship to support women’s spark for electrical engineering
Platform-powered Drones To Take Off In Moreton Bay
Eight Ways To Get Job-ready In Digital Age
New forestry research centres to improve sustainability outcomes
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