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Regional policy problems: case of Timor-Leste
Sitting on a Gas Bomb
Farmers and doctors deliver an ultimatum to Government
Taste of Australia spicing up Jakarta with Adam Liaw
What is an astrophysicist?
2GB with Steve Price
Academics announced as finalists in 5 Eureka Prize categories
Pilgrim travel ratings more spiritual than physical
Sore throat? Don’t expect antibiotics
Drone doctor: Measuring whale health from above – new University of Canterbury research
A nationwide, biopsy-based cohort study revealed prognostic value of overt proteinuria
Wingless but not clueless: wingless grasshopper is prepared to flourish in a changing world
Purpose of life: why textbook needs an update
Language of leaving: Brexit, war and cultural trauma
Study indicates causal link between obesity and multiple diseases
UQP author wins Miles Franklin
Mayor to launch Cultural Diversity and Volunteering Toolkit
Police update: Armed offender, Wide Bay
Clemente Ballarat partnership proposed
How wetlands bury carbon, guarding against weeds of future, Indigenous science education
Cameras reveal secret lives of mangrove stingrays
Street party to kick off National Science Week in Hobart
Could a daily pinprick lead to better health? This University researcher thinks so as he seeks
P53 mutations in cancer patients shed light on gene’s function
Professor Stephen Macmahon announced as finalist for Australian leadership in innovation and science prize
Key Environmental Quality Research Questions Identified for North America by Multidisciplinary Team
Eureka finals for citizen science reef protection project
New role to improve player performance
Report seeks to recognize meaning of Mount Rushmore for Native people
Researchers estimate societal costs of opioid epidemic
$10 million bequest to tackle rare autoimmune disease
New report analyses £13.7 billion deficit in Wales’ public finances
New Orygen facility to further benefit youths
NTU Singapore and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital launch internship and exchange programme
Penn State-led Global Building Network at forefront of building performance
Bubbles hold clue to improved industrial structures
Bubbles hold clue to improved industrial technologies
Online resource to help sufferers ease back pain
Primary healthcare effort needed to achieve hep C elimination
Knowledge as currency: LinkedIn, ACMI and a shifting future of work
Public Consultation: Mission for Cardiovascular Health
Tourist businesses fund whale and dolphin research
Smartphone virus scanner is not what you think
SUPL receives huge $5 million funding boost from Victorian Government
Women in tech united by inaugural Hopper Down Under Conference
Legal resource to help address national domestic violence crisis
Registrations open for northern Livestock Advisor Updates
UniSA’s finest young scientists standing tall in 2019