Latest wastewater treatment News

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Portable cancer testing expands in sub-Saharan Africa
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Council adopts frugal budget as cost of living rises
Sun set to power local wastewater treatment: Ballina Shire
Summary of Council’s 27 June 2022 Ordinary Meeting
89c in every ratepayer dollar to be spent on basics
Council passes record budget amid confident growth and investment in city
City of Logan Budget to build for brighter tomorrow
Irrigation systems underway as part of Goulburn Reuse Scheme
$145 million to rebuild Northern Rivers water infrastructure
Gundy water plan to power local hydrogen economy
City leaders keen for action on commitments to grow Townsville and northern Australia
Upgrading waste to renewable energy source
EPA fines cheese maker
We’re spending $54 million on water and sewer
Changes to Environment Protection Act
Sewage solution lights up Logan’s carbon ambitions
$6 million investment completes final phase of wastewater treatment upgrade
Australia-India Grant to research new critical minerals extraction tech
Critical water infrastructure upgrade for JBT
Budget 2022: Delivering for Norfolk Island
New tech makes eco-mining reality for Rare Earths
Redevelopment of Lakeshore Caravan Park at Knowsley
Grads engineer their way to success
Maryborough wastewater treatment plant
Victoria University proud to mark World Water Day
Exploring climate-smart technologies for Australian viticulture
Prime Minister – Transcript – Press Conference, Gympie, QLD
More support for tourism facilities & Matariki
Covid viral fragments detected in wastewater in Wyalkatchem
Further funding sought for Barlow Park upgrade
Moving into irrigation phase of Reuse Scheme
Bioreactors harness bacteria to treat farm runoff
Covid viral fragments detected in WA wastewater
You know you’re swimming in it: worst beaches for microplastics revealed
Broome business to support major upgrade of local water and wastewater infrastructure
Covid wastewater testing expanded in Western Australian communities
Bartter fined for discharging high-strength effluent
Briefing on recycled water treatment plant project this week