Latest Water Management Act News

Regulation Streamlined For Central Coast Water
Ensuring integrity in water management
Integrated Development Proposal September / October
NCC welcomes the return of water to our coastal rivers and wetlands
NSW metering policy not holding water: plans to meter all water pumping in NSW float away as deadline once again not met
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Conviction and fines for unapproved water works
Benefits to flow from water investment
Development Proposal – Integrated 8 April
Inviting EO1s for Council’s Legal Services Panel 2022-26
Flexible regulations will see $3.1 billion productivity boost
Narrabri irrigator fined over unlawful water take
NRAR prosecution to focus on bore extraction limits in Riverina
NRAR finds solution to protect natural streams in Moree Plains
NRAR works with illicit tobacco taskforce on latest prosecution
Central Coast Water Sharing Plan open for feedback
NRAR prosecutes Hawkesbury market garden
NRAR finds non-compliance in 17 Coffs horticulture operations
Unauthorised addition to Pooncarie Weir
NRAR releases second progress report
Moree company fined $252,000 for constructing unlawful channel
Premier Must Take Water Off Nats After Damning Auditor-General’s Report
Council fined for alleged unlawful water take
Mulgrave market gardener fined $9,900 for breaches of water laws
Water regulator disappointed by court decision
NRAR’s Coffs Harbour horticulture compliance campaign enters next phase
NRAR tightens up water compliance in Hawkesbury area
Regulator monitors water take by utilities in Sydney, Hunter and Northern Rivers
Companies held to account by water regulator
NRAR fines Port Macquarie area water carter
Water Regulator takes landowner, contractor to Court at Deniliquin
Operation drawdown to target overextracting bores in Griffith area
Barilaro’s political impotence; firing blanks and unable to pass water
Water regulator protecting Barwon-Darling