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WHO releases a strategic framework for enhancing prevention and control of mpox
Shipment of newest malaria vaccine, R21, to Central African Republic marks latest milestone for child survival
WHO Member States agree to share outcomes of historic IHR, pandemic agreement processes to World Health Assembly
COVID-19 eliminated a decade of progress in global level of life expectancy
Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) supports the implementation of WHO’s extended 13th General Programme of Work with flexible funding
Tobacco and nicotine industry tactics addict youth for life
2024 World No Tobacco Day Awards – Winners
Countdown to 2030: Stronger alignment for country impact
Ground-breaking research ‘Unlocks spinal health for older Australians’
“All for Health, Health for All” sets the stage for the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly
Takeaways from the Third Global Consultation on the Health of Refugees and Migrants
First expert meeting to accelerate access to human genomics in the WHO Western Pacific Region convened in Manila
New research flags the urgent need for research and evidence on the impact of climate change on neglected tropical diseases and malaria
New report flags major increase in sexually transmitted infections, amidst challenges in HIV and hepatitis
New Data Shows Alarming Impact of Back Pain on Australian Women
Largest number of regulatory agencies for medical products approved as WHO Listed Authorities
How a simulation is informing COVID-19 vaccine policy after our ‘return to normal’
New Data Uncovers Australia’s Back Pain Crisis: Spinal Health Week Champions WHO Guideline for Condition Impacting 8.35M Households
Ground-breaking progress made in Member State negotiations on amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR)
Ireland and WHO work together to improve access to assistive technology globally
WHO updates list of drug-resistant bacteria most threatening to human health
WHO launches updated guidance on HIV-associated TB
Sexual and reproductive health for all: 20 years of the Global Strategy
WHO prequalifies new dengue vaccine
Message by the Director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals at WHO – April 2024
Nations unite to eliminate mercury-containing medical devices
Guidance for One Health field epidemiology workforce development
WHO launches new initiative to tackle the main cause of vision impairment
154 million lives saved in 50 years: 5 charts on the global success of vaccines
Attacks On Healthcare In War Must Not Become New Norm
Governments agree to continue their steady progress on proposed pandemic agreement ahead of the World Health Assembly
New guidance aims to reduce bloodstream infections from catheter use
Application period now open for the 2025 update of the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines
Not all ultra-processed foods are bad for your health, whatever you might have heard
Bridging disciplinary and sectoral silos to strengthen pandemic preparedness and response
World Asthma Day: WHO calls for better education to empower people living with asthma
WHO Results Report 2023 shows notable health achievements and calls for concerted drive toward Sustainable Development Goals
Breastfeeding should be recognised as a carbon offset: report
Latrobe City Joins Global Celebration Of Diversity
Global cooperation towards enhanced surveillance of foodborne diseases
Healthy eating guidelines for babies: when can your baby drink cow’s milk?
Rafah incursion would substantially increase mortality and morbidity and further weaken an already broken health system
To boost quality of life while aging – stay active or get active by 55
International Development Innovation Alliance and WHO renew collaboration on scale-up of health innovations
WHO advisory group convenes its first meeting on responsible use of the life sciences in Geneva
Anticipating the inevitable: how prepared are we for the next pandemic?
Strengthened global capacities on climate change and health: WHO training in Madrid
National Trauma Centre Ready For Future Health Crisis