UPES and Katonic.ai sign MOU to cooperate in the area of Machine Learning


UPES has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Sydney-based AI company, Katonic.ai to cooperate in the area of machine learning. The MoU will allow UPES and Katonic to focus their respective efforts on collaboration within the areas of machine learning implementation, certifications, and other associated activities. The Katonic MLOps Platform will provide UPES students with access to a world-class platform for machine learning implementation. With this platform, students will be able to carry out their projects, produce high-quality research papers and patents, and gain valuable skills in the field of machine learning.

The MoU will also empower the students to be equipped with modern and up-to-date knowledge as per industry standards. By partnering with UPES, Katonic.ai will help students understand how technology can be used in a business setting. This includes solving business problems, deriving critical insights, understanding use cases, and aligning AI initiatives with business objectives. Moreover, UPES and Katonic.ai will also jointly explore opportunities in areas such as internships, projects and placements in data science-related fields.

Dr Sunil Rai, Chancellor of UPES said “By signing this MoU, UPES and Katonic will set a benchmark for other educational institutions who are looking forward to enhancing the capabilities of students & faculty. UPES looks forward to a successful collaboration with Katonic and believes that this partnership will prove to be beneficial for both. UPES is confident that this association will create an enabling environment in the area of machine learning, bringing together technology and education, which are imperative for building a strong base in today’s industry.”

Nitin Deshpande, Managing Director of Katonic India said ” The MoU will provide an opportunity for the faculty to train on Machine Learning Operations, empowering them with modern and up-to-date knowledge as per industry standards, while giving the students the much-needed exposure to develop data models based on real-world problems. We are sure that this partnership will help in bridging the gap between academia and industry, thereby providing students with exposure to the latest technologies.”

About us:

About Katonic.ai

Katonic.ai is an Australian AI-ML ISO 27001 company helping businesses realize the value of enterprise AI faster, with proven and practical approaches to create new applications and achieve breakthrough innovations. Katonic Machine Learning Operations Platform (MLOps) Platform is a collaborative platform with a Unified UI to manage all data science in one place. Katonic MLOps Platform is for customers and developers to introduce the MLOps practice into their production systems. The Platform combines the creative scientific process of data scientists with the professional software engineering process to build and deploy Machine Learning Models into production safely, quickly, and sustainably. Katonic MLOPS Platform runs in your Kubernetes cluster and can be deployed anywhere – multi-cloud, on-prem, or edge.

Katonic.ai is also the only Asia-Pacific AI company to be featured in the prestigious Everest Group’s MLOps Products PEAK Matrix® 2022.

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