Veterinary telehealth helps with Vet shortage in Northern Territory


VetChat, a leading Australian telehealth service for pets says that telehealth has the potential to help with the Northern Territory’s Vet shortage and can work in collaboration and partnership with traditional in-person services.

The service provides 24/7 access to Australian registered Veterinarians via video from $39, allowing pet carers to access advice and triage assessment from home. VetChat also partners directly with clinics to be the primary phone or video triage out of hours, so that on call Vets can purely focus on pets needing emergency care.

VetChat CEO Dr Claire Jenkins said that Veterinary telehealth services have the potential to help ease some of the burden caused by the lack of available in person appointments in the Northern Territory.

“We know that many pet carers in the Northern Territory have trouble getting an appointment when they need one, owing to both a shortage of Vets and a high demand for services. That is where we can help. “

“If pet carers can’t access their Vet and are worried about the health of their pet, they can go to our website and have a telehealth consultation 24 hours a day 7 days week – our team of trusted Australian registered Vets, are on standby to provide advice and triage.”

“Pet carers can describe or show their pet’s issue, and learn what needs to be done. Whether it’s managed at home, until their Vet opens; or right away if local referral is needed.”

“With pet ownership on the rise, and that the Northern Territory, not unlike the rest of Australia, is facing an ongoing and increasing shortage of Vets, there is a need for online services to help ease the burden on the Vet community, by providing easy access to Veterinary advice to pet carers 24/7, to best support their pets.” Dr Jenkins concluded.

/Public Release.