Victorian Women’s Health Services Champions Collaborative and Equitable Health Strategies at the 2024 Victorian Health Sector Summit

Women's Health Services Network

Today marked the beginning of the 2024 Victorian Health Sector Summit where leaders from the Victorian Women’s Health Services (VWHS) joined other key stakeholders in discussing the future of health care in Victoria. With a focus on collaboration, equity, and population health outcomes, the summit showcased priorities for future reform of Victoria’s health system, which strategically align with the Women’s Health Services ways of working.

The 2024 Health Sector Summit, held at the Sofitel Melbourne, welcomed over 300 delegates including policymakers, health practitioners, and community leaders to share insights and forge partnerships towards a unified health agenda. Notable presentations revolved around integrating care, transitioning from activity-based to population health outcomes, and addressing systemic health challenges through innovative reforms. The dialogue focused on proactive health measures, dismantling operational silos, and the crucial nature of deeply rooted partnerships in driving substantial health reforms.

Tricia Currie, CEO of Women’s Health Loddon Mallee and Chair of the Women’s Health Services Network, shared her insights on the first day of the summit.

“It is energising to see the convergence of ideas around partnership and collaboration aimed at enhancing population-wide outcomes and establishing an equitable health system,” said Tricia Currie.

She praised the discussions on centering patient experiences and the push towards primary prevention and health promotion, particularly for women.

“We know that health starts in the community, in our families, workplaces and schools, and that women are at the centre of communities across Victoria. Women’s Health Services strengthen communities through our gendered and intersectional primary prevention health programs.”

The conference acknowledged the current inquiry into women’s pain, underscoring the commitment to understanding and addressing the unique health challenges women face.

“This inquiry aligns perfectly with our purpose at VWHS to deliver tailored, equitable health care solutions based on the real-world experiences of women,” said Tricia Currie,

“The Victorian Women’s Health Services know that through these ways of working – by applying an intersectional lens and working in partnership, we can have a health system that works for every single Victorian” Tricia Currie concluded.

About us:

The Women’s Health Services Network has been a driving force progressing and shaping Victoria’s women’s health and equality space for four decades. While our services were established and funded independently of one another, collaboration has been a strong part of our history. Today, the 12 women’s health services funded through the state government’s Victorian Women’s Health Program operate under the title the ‘Victorian Women’s Health Services Network’. This enables us to work as a coordinated, mutually-reinforcing statewide network comprising both place-based and specialist services.

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