Visitor Paid Parking update for Blue Mountains residents

Almost 95% of Blue Mountains residents have received parking permits, so that they can park for free in town centres and key visitation areas.
Parking meter at Wentworth Falls

Fines are now being issued to those who do not have a parking permit, and do not pay to park. However, if residents apply for a parking permit within 14 days of a ‘Fail to pay parking fee’ infringement notice being issued, they can apply to Council to get the fine waived.

Blue Mountains Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rosemary Dillon, thanked residents for supporting the Citywide Visitor Paid Parking Scheme that is helping to fund critical infrastructure, including the repair of roads.

“Visitors are now contributing to the critical renewal of infrastructure, as well as services and facilities in the Blue Mountains,” Dr Dillon said.

“We encourage the small percentage of residents who have not yet applied for a parking permit, to do so as soon as possible, so that they can park for free.”

Since December 2023, Council Rangers have been issuing warnings to those who have not paid to park where visitor paid parking has been implemented.

This month, ten months after the Visitor Paid Parking Scheme was introduced, residents will start receiving infringement notices if they park in these areas without a parking permit.

How to apply for a parking permit:

  • Apply for a permit online. Go to
  • Call 4780 5000 for assistance.
  • Visit one of our Customer Contact Centres in Katoomba or Springwood. Please bring vehicle registration papers, driver licence or rates notice when visiting our Customer Contact Centres.

What happens next?

  • Once an application for a Resident Parking Permit is made to Council then the resident also needs to provide evidence of the infringement notice received.
  • You can:
    • Email a copy or photograph of the infringement notice – or send the infringement notice number – to Council via [email protected].
    • Once we receive the details of the infringement notice, we will check that you have also applied for a Parking Permit.
    • If the application for a Parking Permit has been received, we will work with Revenue NSW to have the fine waived.
    • If an application for a Parking Permit has not been received, we will contact you. We cannot apply to have the fine waived, until we receive your application for a Parking Permit.

Council cannot apply to have a fine waived for a visitor to the Blue Mountains who has not paid to park – in town centres or high visitation areas.

Also, any driver that overstays in timed restricted parking locations in town centres or key visitation areas, may be fined and fines cannot be waived.

Get more information:

/Public Release. View in full here.