Vodafone sets new 5G high-speed score at Sydney Cricket Ground

February 15, 2023 – Vodafone has set a new high-score for 5G speeds by delivering blisteringly fast mobile speeds directly into one of Australia’s most famous sporting stadiums, the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Working in partnership with its network equipment supplier Nokia, Vodafone successfully beamed download speeds of close to two gigabits per second to a Google Pixel device over the Vodafone mobile network while in a fully packed SCG thanks to the incredibly fast capability of 5G millimetre wave (mmWave) technology.

Using Nokia’s industry-leading Carrier Aggregation solution, a download stream of 2Gbps can simultaneously stream more than 400 high-definition videos or download a full 4K movie in less than two minutes.

“5G mmWave opens up a world of digital possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. With its superfast download and upload speeds, this technology could one day provide new ways for crowds to interact and get closer to the action like never before,” said Giovanni Chiarelli, Vodafone Chief Technology Officer.

5G mmWave uses high-frequency spectrum that enables it to carry very large amounts of data over short distances. This makes it well-suited for high-traffic areas – like major transport hubs or sporting stadiums – where lots of people use the mobile network at the same time.

The ultra-high-bandwidth capability of 5G mmWave also makes it an ideal technology to deliver data-intensive applications such as 8K video streaming, and immersive virtual or augmented reality experiences with high definition 360-degree cameras.

“It’s not just sporting stadiums and crowds to benefit from greater connectivity. Millimetre wave spectrum is an integral part of our 5G network that will boost performance in densely populated areas including entertainment hubs, CBDs and other high-traffic areas,” said Mr Chiarelli said.

“This is another demonstration on how we are working with our partners to build the smartest 5G mobile network in Australia. Our collaboration with Nokia fast-tracks the newest 5G applications, allowing both consumer and enterprise customers to harness our network’s potential.”

The successful installation of superfast mmWave technology at the SCG is the latest 5G innovation to be delivered by Vodafone and Nokia. Last year the companies worked together to set a new Australian 5G uplink record during a live demonstration. In 2021, the companies also set a world record for a long-range video and voice call on a 5G network.

Vodafone’s 5G network now covers more than 96 per cent of the Australian population across the nation’s 10 largest cities. The company rolled out 1,040 5G sites in 2022, taking its total number of 5G sites to 2,055 across Australia.

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