Welfare, Safety and Long-Term Sustainability Behind GRNSW New Strategy


Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) today released more details on planned track changes, with Chief Executive Officer Mr Rob Macaulay affirming that greyhound welfare and safety – and long-term sustainability of the industry – were driving forces behind all decisions.

GRNSW yesterday announced its Track Safety & Welfare Strategy 2024 after the GRNSW Board had considered and approved a raft of strategic matters, which included significant track upgrades and improvements – intended for better, safer tracks – as well as a reduction in non-TAB tracks.

New straight tracks are planned for Wagga and Tamworth, and the tracks at Goulburn and Wagga have been assigned significant upgrades.

Non-TAB tracks at Moree, Coonamble, Young and Tamworth are planned for closure, with Mr Macaulay saying there will be a period of transition negotiated with clubs and communities to implement those changes.

“These were not easy decisions to make but were done so after extensive consultation with stakeholders and participants across the State over a three-month period,” Mr Macaulay said.

“Closing tracks is not a decision made lightly. We underwent a full audit at every NSW greyhound track, including TAB, Non-TAB and trial tracks, and also looked at a number of key performance data associated with each venue.

“Ultimately, decisions were based on welfare-led metrics, including the desire to have the safest tracks, as well as other relevant data. The clear focus for the future will be investments in the larger regional centres and catering for population bases across our vast regions to have the safest racing for the optimum prizes.

“Importantly, the new strategy document provides a framework for capital investment over the coming year in key racetrack projects, with a focus on long-term sustainability, greyhound welfare and track safety.”

Among the strategic decisions made in relation to the state’s track portfolio were that $18.3 million from the Greyhound Capital Grants Program is intended to be allocated across a range of projects at 20 TAB tracks. The strategic goal is to have all NSW tracks meet defined standards around racing safety, animal welfare, and human occupational health and safety.

In addition to the construction projects set out in the GRNSW Track Safety & Welfare Strategy 2024, there will also be a number of changes implemented on a regional basis, and these can be found in detail on the GRNSW website.

“Change can often be difficult, and while some sectors of the industry have voiced their disappointment in the decisions made, I know that when these decisions are looked at in terms of what is in the best interest of greyhound racing in NSW, that the majority of people in our great sport will not only understand what has been done, but embrace it for the betterment all,” Mr Macaulay said.

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