20 June 2024, Mayor Cr Liesbeth Long, The Carisbrook Mercury

Some high tech has made its way to the Shire with a project to laser scan our community halls at Dunolly, Talbot and Carisbrook now completed.

Our much-loved halls were mapped down to the millimetre so that we can have full plans and elevations produced for each community asset. These assessments will help us understand what restoration works are needed, so we can apply for any future grant opportunities.

It will also help our maintenance and facilities team in the future. For example, if one side of the building is getting a bit droopy, it can be picked up. Furthermore, if a decorative moulding was to fall off and break, we will have the records be able to perfectly reproduce it. Or, if a window was damaged in a storm, we can give the glazier a link to the data, and they’ll be able to get the measurements and prepare a quote for replacement without needing to attend on site.

This project is being funded by Council and will mean that maintaining these assets will be a lot easier as it gives us a ‘freeze in time’ picture of what they are like right now, so we can ensure these much-loved community assets can be preserved for future generations.

On another note, I would like to give a shout out to the community of Carisbrook in partnering with Council staff and two councillors, to undertake an independent review of the Carisbrook Levee.

An Independent Engineer, who has been identified by members of the reference group, has been appointed to conduct the review with the final report to be provided by the end of September 2024. Once the review is completed, the panel have agreed that they will accept the findings of the Independent Review as part of the group’s Terms of Reference.

This will then give peace of mind and a deeper understanding to the community of Carisbrook what, should another flood event occurs, the levy is able to cope with.

Mayor Cr Liesbeth Long


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