A step forward in seeing a cable car become a reality

Peter Gutwein,Minister for State Growth

A cable car on kunanyi/Mt Wellington has been discussed for more than 100 years. It’s time a proposal is properly considered, and the Hodgman Liberal Government believes that process should occur.

The Government is a strong supporter of a cable car as it has the potential to bring significant investment to the state and create new jobs, both during construction and once operational.

However, the Government has always said any such development must obtain all necessary approvals before it can progress and be able to stand on its own two feet.

In order to ensure the project can be progressed within this framework, earlier today I provided the Wellington Park Management Trust and the Hobart City Council with a copy of the final form of the Authority to access Wellington Park to undertake site investigations, along with notification of my intent to issue this Authority tomorrow.

Given the public interest in activities within Wellington Park, I will publicly release a copy of the new Authority tomorrow once it has been signed and granted.

The Authority allows MWCC to undertake flora and fauna surveys and a range of geo-technical investigations, which will assist in preparing a planning application, it ensures the planning process remains with the Hobart City Council.

Importantly, granting an Authority to access public land does not in any way allow the construction of a cable car on the mountain to commence. This can only occur once the project has been approved through the established public planning process, which importantly provides an opportunity for public comment and review, informed by the full details of the project.

As required under the Act, the Wellington Park Management Trust has been consulted in developing this Authority.

While there will always be some who oppose a cable car on the Mountain, a sustainable and responsible development on kunanyi/Mt Wellington has the support of this Government and the majority of Tasmanians who want to see an exciting proposal given a chance to proceed.

A cable car will assist in preserving the Mountain and take Hobart to the next level with a world-class experience, and build on the Hodgman Liberal Government’s push to grow the visitor economy and deliver even more investment and jobs for Tasmanians.

/Public Release. View in full here.