AEMO: Accelerating renewables rollout is the only serious plan for Australia’s energy grid

Clean energy backed by storage is the lowest-cost source of electricity for Aussie households and businesses, and Australia is well on the way to a reliable renewables-led grid, the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) latest roadmap confirms.

Australia’s move to clean energy is well underway, with 40% of the electricity in our main national grid now coming from renewable sources. This is delivering cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy as our ageing and unreliable coal-fired power stations start to close.

AEMO’s position is clear: Australia’s shift to clean energy is on track, and urgently stepping up the roll out of renewable energy generation, transmission and storage is the key to powering our homes and businesses while keeping power prices down as coal exits the energy system.

Climate Councillor and energy expert, Greg Bourne, said: “We have no time to waste. Getting more clean energy to more households and businesses is the only way to slash climate pollution while preventing price volatility in the years ahead.

“AEMO’s roadmap shows our clean energy grid is being built in front of our eyes. Renewables backed by storage will power our homes and industry 24/7 and we are already nearly halfway there. We should be emboldened by the progress we’ve already made, and build on this momentum so millions more Australians benefit.

“Australia’s coal generators will close in less than 15 years, so let’s get serious about proven technologies and get on with the job of building out a cleaner, more reliable energy grid.”

Dr Jennifer Rayner, Climate Council Head of Policy and Advocacy said: “AEMO’s roadmap recognises that millions of households and businesses are already benefiting from rooftop solar and community batteries. There is a big opportunity for governments to step up and work with communities to further accelerate the roll out of local solar and storage, bringing more clean energy online, more quickly.

“The roadmap also highlights that a Future Made in Australia needs a bigger, cleaner grid. For Australia to seize our potential in green metals, clean manufacturing, critical minerals processing and more, governments need to be planning for and delivering the clean energy infrastructure that underpins these new industries.

“As Australia heads towards the next federal election, the Climate Council is calling for the right investment and policies to boost rooftop solar and community storage, and scale up the build of our clean grid so that we can fully achieve our potential as a renewable energy and clean export superpower. We have already made significant strides towards cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy – let’s redouble our efforts to capitalise on this momentum.”

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