Agents look past ‘boom’


The dilemma for agents is how to reach the new socially savvy buyers and sellers without saturating their own social audience and employing a ‘spray and pray’ method of marketing.

Realty Technology Labs, a part of Realty Media Group, has been working over the past 2 and half years to develop hundreds of local social audiences in Australia. Presently reaching property buyers and sellers in 9,000 Australian suburbs by harnessing the power of over 600 local Facebook pages, RMG enables its 7,500 agencies to enjoy the benefits of instantly publishing all of their new listings to a highly targeted geo-based audience in specific areas.

The strategy has been so successful the company has just posted it’s 500,000th property post. Realty’s CEO and Founder, Troy Rushton, revealed that Realty is able to post up to 5,000 social posts a day because the posts are being distributed to over 600 pages not 1 or 2. “That would turn people off!” he said.

“It has always been our goal to be a distributor of property information and opportunities and so Realty was built to do just that. We do not simply load available properties onto a website and then attract an audience to see it on the portal. Sure we do that but we also take the properties to where the people are – on social” Rushton said.

“Although Realty has a website which is currently attracting over one million impressions a month, is just a part of the offering from the Realty platform which provides agents the ability to reach buyers and sellers totally differently and even have direct communication with clients by using the company’s revolutionary chat facilities on the Realty App.” he said.

Rushton summed up “It makes sense for agents to present their seller’s properties to the largest social property audience in the country. There are currently over 15 million people a month using Facebook. That is where Realty lives and it is working!”

/Public Release.