Asset Management Plans 2020 – 2029

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Help shape your community. Have your say on our community’s assets to ensure that our Asset Management Plans meet future community needs.

Why are you consulting with me?

Council is responsible for the management of more than $650m worth of assets for our community. Asset Management Plans are developed to assist Council in managing these assets to an agreed standard of service, and to meet the needs of current and future users.

The City of Burnside’s Asset Management Plans were last reviewed in 2016. At this time, we asked our community to share their views on how well our assets are currently maintained, and to help us identify what areas could be improved. This feedback indicated to us a general satisfaction with roads, lighting, sporting facilities and street furniture. But that we could do some work to improve building accessibility; maintenance of footpaths; and upgrading the stormwater system to provide improved property flood protection.

As a result of receiving this feedback we:

  • Undertook an audit of all Council owned buildings to identify accessibility issues and develop into a program of works to progressively address.
  • Undertook a full review of our approach to renewing and constructing footpaths, surveyed the community (via our Annual Community Survey) regarding preference of footpath material, and updated our footpath policy. Council also ensured there is a systematic, priority based approach to identifying and addressing any footpath defects through a rigorous maintenance program.
  • Completed a stormwater capacity study for the entire City of Burnside to identify key areas prone to flooding, which has been used to inform and prioritise our forward programs of works.
  • Commenced work on refreshing floodplain maps for the City of ensure there is up to date information to inform new projects and developments.

Council has four Plans that outline what investment is required to meet defined service standards over the next 10 years.

Each Plan focuses on a distinct class:

Buildings: such as the library, community centres and sport facilities.

Open space: parks, playgrounds, bins, street furniture and lighting.

Stormwater: drains, culverts and stormwater pits.

Transport: footpaths, roads, kerbs and traffic control devices.

The Plans are Council’s approach to managing our community’s assets and include service levels, proposed funding requirements, forecasts of community needs, renewal and upgrade cycles and maintenance plans.

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Our Asset Management Plans are now due for another review. We are again seeking feedback to understand the views of our community on what areas Council are performing well in, and where improvements can be made.

Draft Asset Management Plans have been developed for the community to review; and these plans will be finalised once community feedback has been received.

Have your say.

Council is seeking your views on the current state of our community’s assets, and how they are managed.

This feedback will be used to ensure that the future service levels and funding proposed for each of our asset classes is appropriate.

Complete the survey below on prior to 5 pm Friday 11 October 2019.

Where can I find copies of the plans?

The four draft Plans (buildings, open space, stormwater and transport) are available online and for viewing at the Civic Centre.

You can download the Plans located in the Related Information.

What happens next?

Council will consider the results of the community consultation and look to formally endorse the revised Plans at a Council Meeting in November/December 2019.

/Public Release. View in full here.