Asurion Mobile+, smart phone insurance launches in Australia


Asurion Mobile+ offers three plans with varying levels of coverage: Lite, Classic and Prestige. The core components of Asurion Mobile+ are:

  • Repair: Screen damage repair using genuine manufacturer parts
  • Replace: “Like-for-like” replacement for accidental damage
  • Restore: “Like-for-like” replacement for loss or theft
  • Resolve: Personal tech support and assistance

Cover is provided on an annual basis. A summary of the different plan options is below:


From $5.99/month


From $7.99/month


From $9.99/month

Cover includes:

· Repair: 2 Screen Repairs

Additional benefits:

· Knowledge Base tech articles and support

Cover includes:

· Repair: 2 Screen Repairs

· Replace: 1 Accidental Damage claim

Additional benefits:

· Knowledge Base tech articles and support

· Virtual Assistant (AI powered chatbot)

Cover includes:

· Repair: Unlimited Screen Repairs

· Replace: 2 Accidental Damage claims

· Restore: 1 Loss or Theft claim

Additional benefits:

· Battery Replacement (iPhone only*)

· Security Advisor

· Online tech support with a live agent

*Applicable to devices aged 24-36 months

Coverage for a wide range of phones, both old and new

Asurion Mobile+ is unique in that it offers protection for new and used mobile devices. On launch, Asurion Mobile+ will cover most Apple and Samsung branded phones, including the latest releases. To help more Australians protect their mobile phones with insurance, we are working hard on expanding the range of eligible phones.

Flexibility for the customer

Asurion Mobile+ offers flexibility to the customer.

Customers can opt to pay monthly or annually, with customers who opt to pay annually receiving an 8.33% discount off the total premium. Additional discounts are available including for newly purchased phones (less than 30 days old) and for referring a friend.

Our flexible terms ensure access to a wide audience of customers, no matter what retailer, manufacturer or Telco the phone was purchased from. We can also assist customers to continue to be covered even if they upgrade or change their device.

Easy online claims experience via myAsurion

Asurion Mobile+ makes the claim experience easy through the myAsurion portal. Available 24/7, it puts the customer experience first. In addition to lodging claims, customers can check their claim status, update their personal details, manage their policy and access our value-added services such as online articles containing tech tips, Virtual Assistant (AI powered chatbot), and live agent technical support.

Prestige protection beyond the phone

Customers who choose the Prestige plan have access to Security Advisor; an online tool which helps customers protect and monitor their online identity from hackers and data thieves. Key features include:

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