Australia beats USA in top international bridge Championships

Australian Bridge Federation

In a great week for Australian sports with Australians winning the British Open in Golf, Gold medal in World Athletics Championships, a stage in the Tour de France an Australian Bridge team has beaten the top team in the world in Bridge.

At the North American Bridge Championships in Providence, Rhode Island an Australian team of Sartaj Hans, Peter Gill, Nabil Edgtton and Michael Whibley from New Zealand have beaten the Top seeded USA Nickell team in the Spingold event.

In a thrilling win the Australians led all the way but had to withstand a nerve wracking finish to win 104 to 97. The Australians were a four man team against the six person USA team over a gruelling 12 hour day. The Australian team are all aged in their 30s and 40s to beat a far more experienced team that arguably are the best in the world.

The final round was screened on with Sophie Ashton, wife of team member Sartaj Hans, giving a typically highly emotional Australian commentary after getting her kids off to school. Sophie is a champion bridge player herself winning many tournaments including last week being in the winning Open Interstate Team in the Australian National Championships held in Adelaide.

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