Australian global success story rebrands for start of new era

June 28, 2019, Sydney: After 18 years of transforming the way global markets operate, creating high-tech jobs, delivering billions of dollars in partner returns and changing lives for the better, Australian company Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) is rebranding as RoZetta from 1 July, 2019.

Founded in 2001 by Professor Michael Aitken AM (winner of the 2016 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation), CMCRC is arguably the most successful entity to emerge from the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program, receiving an unprecedented three rounds of funding.

The CRC program was established to enable better collaboration between universities and industry, with the goal of benefiting the broader economy. CMCRC’s success in this regard is unparalleled.

‘From the start, CMCRC approached things differently,’ said Peter Clare, Managing Director of the new RoZetta group. ‘There has always been an entrepreneurial mindset that ensured the research we conducted with the collaboration of our university partners would deliver tangible social and/or commercial outcomes to our government and industry partners.’

CMCRC’s ability to manage, mine and visualise massive amounts of data has made global markets fairer and more efficient – an extraordinary and largely unheralded achievement for an Australian company. This has been enabled by the benchmark-setting technology developed by the group, including SMARTS (the world’s leading big data trade surveillance and management platform; sold to NASDAQ in 2010), Thomson Reuters Tick History (the world’s largest global tick data history database, processing over petabytes of data from 500 global exchanges) and Lorica Health (the world’s leading fraud-detecting health software).

This data mastery has delivered profound change to capital markets and health, improving consumer trust in the former and saving lives in the latter.

A unique research ecosystem delivering meaningful, ongoing value for all

The group’s world-leading Industrial PhD Program is at the heart of its success. ‘For less than the cost of a standard starting salary, we provide an entire research ecosystem,’ said Clare.

‘We embed the best and brightest PhD researchers with industry or government partners for three years. They work to answer questions that create opportunities that don’t generally arise from day-to-day business activities. Behind that researcher is the academic power of some of Australia’s best universities, providing extra intellectual support and training, plus the technology, business training, data and $20 million infrastructure our own Research Institute provides.

‘It means the value we provide is meaningful, ongoing and beneficial for everyone in our ecosystem. It’s not only industry, from start-ups to multinationals, who benefits – universities benefit from the relationships we create and from the access to our data, which the University of New South Wales Business School credits for helping it achieve its excellent QS ranking.

‘And most importantly from our perspective, it creates incredible opportunities for the researchers themselves in terms of careers in industry, academia or government.’

Blue chip employers for the 140+ Industrial PhD graduates to date include NSW Treasury, Macquarie Bank, Google, NASDAQ, BBRC Private Equity and University of Sydney.

A new era – with a focus on women

RoZetta is named after the Rosetta Stone (which deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics) and the zettabyte (1021bytes). It speaks to the company’s ability to translate big data into meaningful, actionable knowledge. From 1 July, the group will comprise two entities.

The not-for-profit RoZetta Institute will continue its ground-breaking industrial research in capital markets, while also applying data insights to transform the energy, digital finance, workers’ compensation and human capital risk arenas – to the betterment of individuals and institutions. RoZetta Ventures will provide technology development, managed services, investment and incubator offerings, with profits fed back into the Institute to expand the Industrial Phd Program.

A key focus of that expansion includes developing a Women in Leadership PhD Program. Businesses will be asked to identify future female leaders who can enhance and accelerate their career progression through a combination of PhD study and one-to-one mentorship from some of Australia’s best credentialed and highest profile female business and academic leaders.

RoZetta in numbers

· 140+ Industrial PhD graduates (65% employed in industry, 30% in academia, 5% in government)

· Hundreds of high-tech jobs created

· Over $2 billion delivered in partner returns

· Over $300 million raised in research funding

· 150-strong team of world-class data scientists and analysts, with expertise in analytics, artificial and augmented intelligence, cloud-native application, strategy, insights, platform architecture and managed services across capital markets, health, energy and digital finance


Ian Gerrard, RoZetta Marketing Director:

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