Latest surveillance News

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Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast Rebate Program takes flight
New One Health research initiatives announced
Coronavirus update for Victoria 18 August
Coronavirus update for Victoria 17 August
Man found hiding in roof, charged after hydroponic set-up dismantled in Monaro
Yellow notification zones lifted in Varroa mite response
Coronavirus update for Victoria 16 August
Partners take to air
Plant pest focus sharpened ahead of National Science Week
Glenorchy Police cracking down on unlawful use of motorised pushbikes
Humanities Scholars explore future careers through legal internships
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Making history for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Workers left behind by Australia’s changing retail sector
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Construction underway on new Skate and Scooter Park
Supporting prevention, preparedness and response to global pandemics
What is this new Langya virus? Do we need to be worried?
UN experts denounce withdrawal from Aarhus Convention: Belarus
Coronavirus update for Victoria 10 August
Using mathematics to treat malaria
ASIC’s surveillance of internal dispute resolution in superannuation identifies concerns
Coronavirus update for Victoria 9 August
IRobot’s Roomba will soon be owned by Amazon, which raises privacy questions
Coronavirus update for Victoria 8 August
Indigenous rangers dive deep into reef care on Sea Country
$1.19 million invested into Western Australian defence research
Queensland Government boosts Foot and Mouth Disease preparations
More than 15,000 nicotine vapes seized in compliance crackdown
Coronavirus update for Victoria 5 August
Banana freckle detected at new locations
Shining light on off-the-books payments
Varroa surveillance reveals additional infestations
Varroa tracing confirms additional detections
Increasing attacks on Cambodia’s media are threat to democracy
Coronavirus update for Victoria 3 August
Further detections of Varroa mite as surveillance continues
Insecure: New study links tap water avoidance and food insecurity
Police arrest five teens after aggravated burglaries
Ukraine: FAO, Canada join forces to address grain storage deficit
Coronavirus update for Victoria 2 August
ASIC bans Adelaide based financial adviser for five years
New Zealand is touting a green hydrogen economy, but it will face big environmental and cultural hurdles
Best of both worlds
Red zone expanded due to new Varroa detections
ASIC places stop order on PDS and advertisements for Private Property Trust No. 20 in Fawkner Property Ltd
Coronavirus update for Victoria 1 August