Bendigo Urologist, Dr Rohan Hall, sharing important information on men’s health

BENDIGO based urologist, Dr Rohan hall of Goldfields Urology, is encouraging men to take charge of their health. Despite its prevalence, erectile dysfunction (ED) remains a topic most of us are uncomfortable discussing. It affects about one million Australian men each year1, with one in five men over the age of 40 likely to experience some form of ED in their lifetime.2 It can also be an indicator of other underlying health conditions and is an important topic to discuss with one’s GP or Urologist.1

Below are some statistics to consider:

• Men who experience sexual dysfunction have a 130% to 210% increased risk of developing depression3

• ED precedes heart disease in almost 70% of cases and can be the first sign of a silent coronary artery disease (CAD)4

• ED usually appears 3+ years before a heart attack4

• ED may be the first symptom of diabetes even if they have not yet been diagnosed, particularly in men younger than 554

• Sexual dysfunction after radical prostatectomy affects 25-75% of men6

Dr Hall is available to speak about the causes of ED and the importance of managing its symptoms with current treatments, including: medications, vacuum devices, penile implants or penile injections. Please let me know if I can help facilitate an interview.

Ken Petrella


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