Blossoming Appreciation – Why It’s Time to Gift Men Roses

Mr Roses

In a world where expressions of appreciation and love transcend traditional norms, an emerging trend is reshaping gift-giving habits: men are increasingly finding joy in receiving flowers, challenging the notion that blooms are reserved for women and only for men on sombre occasions (such as funerals).

According to research, a shocking 88% of men have never received flowers, despite another survey showing that almost two thirds of men asked would actually love to receive a bunch! The research is clear – there is a vast untapped potential for expressing affection and appreciation in our relationships by sending roses to our men.

“Receiving flowers can stimulate feelings of connection, validation and gratitude. These qualities deepen intimacy, and build relational trust,” said Trauma-informed Therapist and Penguin Random House Author Natalia Rachel. “When someone lets us know they are thinking about us, we feel valued. Aside from the relational qualities, flowers also offer the gift of nature and vitality. Having flowers in the home can be a reminder of our own aliveness and beauty, which may inspire feelings of peace, joy and creativity.”

Mr Roses, Australia’s leading expert in rose delivery, is at the forefront of this cultural shift, encouraging everyone to embrace the beauty and benefits of gifting roses.

“The notion of flowers being a gift only for women is outdated. As gender roles become more fluid than ever, we can also redefine what giving flowers is all about – showing someone you care, and brightening their day,” continued Natalia Rachel. “Men deserve flowers too, whether it’s a surprise from a beloved (of any gender) or simply as a gesture of friendship or thanks. As we begin to embrace a new age of masculinity, it’s now flowers for all.”

Roses stand as a timeless symbol of beauty, strength, and resilience, qualities that resonate with individuals across the gender spectrum. Contrary to common perceptions, roses, with their diverse colours and species, do not solely embody femininity but represent a universal appreciation for nature’s elegance.

Mr Roses also advocates for the psychological benefits of gifting and receiving roses, which have been shown to enhance mood, strengthen emotional connections, and increase happiness. This gesture can bridge the emotional gap and demonstrate care, respect, and thoughtfulness in ways that other gifts cannot. It’s a reflection of seeing the recipient for who they are – complex, appreciated, and deserving of unexpected joy.

“We’ve seen a significant shift in who enjoys receiving roses. It’s no longer just a gesture reserved for women. Men of all kinds equally appreciate the thought, care, and beauty that roses represent. It’s about time we normalise this as a form of expression for everyone,” Mr Roses comments.

For those considering sending roses to a man, Mr Roses suggests choosing vibrant colours such as yellow, orange, and red, which are visually stimulating and universally appealing. Contemporary, linear, or natural floral arrangements are recommended to appeal to a wide array of tastes, ensuring that the gesture is both appreciated and memorable.

Mr Roses commitment to pioneering this change is not only about selling roses; it’s about fostering deeper connections and enriching lives through the thoughtful act of giving. “Each rose we deliver is a symbol of acknowledgement and appreciation. We’re not just in the business of roses; we’re in the business of emotions, relationships, and memorable moments,” Mr Roses explains.

In embracing the tradition of gifting roses to men, we’re also encouraged to reconsider our perceptions of masculinity and affection. It’s a small step towards a more inclusive and emotionally expressive society, where everyone can appreciate the joy and beauty of receiving flowers.

As we move forward, let’s challenge the norms and celebrate the diversity of expression by sending a bouquet of roses to the men in our lives – a simple gesture that can leave a lasting impression. Mr Roses invites everyone to be part of this beautiful, blossoming journey, making every day an opportunity to express love, gratitude, and admiration through the timeless gift of roses.

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