Cameron Munster’s exclusive NFT revealed ahead of State of Origin 2

MOS Corporation

Cameron Munster has joined the likes of Wally “The King” Lewis, entering ‘The Ultimate Queenslander’ metaverse, ahead of State of Origin 2 – with his prized NFT revealed which comes with an experience to meet the legend.

Queensland Rugby League (QRL) have partnered with XXXX Lion Nathan, MOS Corporation and Playcasta, to introduce the first Australian Rugby League organisation metaverse, offering NFT digital assets.

The offering consists of a drop of 10,000 tokenised NFTs on the Flow Blockchain and will be marketed and shared via Twitter and Discord labelled “The Ultimate Queenslander NFT”. The drop includes a presale of 1000 exclusive NFT tokens on the 29th of June, followed by the main drop on the 6th of July for the remaining 9000 NFT tokens. All of which come with exclusive fan experiences with legendary Queenslanders from various generations.

The NFT launch coincides with the 2022 State of Origin and is themed across different areas of Queensland including The Country, The Tropics, The Burbs, The City and The Beach. The NFT includes a set of ‘legendary’ tokens each one of them unique, with one of the prized tokens being ‘King of the State’, Wally Lewis as well as Cameron Munster.

Other unique iconic Queenslanders such as Jonhnathan Thurston, Natalie Cook and the Stafford Brothers to name a few, have also signed up for the roll out on the five lands. The tokens represent the best experiences in sport, music, and TV, exclusive meet and greets with sporting idols, signed memorabilia and VIP experiences.

Cameron Munster says: “I’m in the NFT space as owner of Dead Diamond Society – we’re already doing really great things for things for the community – and The Ultimate Queenslander NFT with the greats will also assist our grassroots community across the state.”

QRL CEO Rohan Sawyer says “The NFT launch highlights some of Queensland’s most iconic athletes and personalities coinciding with the much-anticipated State of Origin 2022. Our fan base is continuing to connect with us digitally and this connection is the perfect pathway to reward and engage the Queensland community.”

Playcasta Ken Lee adds “We decided to utilise the Flow Blockchain by Dapper Labs due to its stability, speed and low cost of transactions whilst leveraging their existing sporting user base.

Consumers can choose to buy through traditional secured online payments by using their credit or debit cards or, utilise an existing Crypto Wallet. Non-Fungible Tokens projects such as ‘The Ultimate Queenslander NFT’ provide a fantastic way for Queenslanders to own an asset that represents them and the community in which they live. Our aim is to build a strong community around this project that will provide value well into the future.”

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