Chief Minister Fyles rolls out the red carpet for Tamboran lobbyists

Australian Greens

Reports that the Fyles Government political strategy is being advised and led by the same consultancy that is directly responsible for lobbying by fracking giant Tamboran Resources are alarming and outrageous.

The third major scandal within a month that shows the Chief Minister answers to the gas industry not her constituents. The Greens are calling on the Prime Minister to raise this clear conflict of interest with Chief Minister Fyles at tomorrow’s national cabinet meeting.

As stated by Greens leader in the Senate and spokesperson on democracy Senator Larissa Waters

“It is outrageous for Mr Richardson to be in charge of political strategy for the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, while also lobbying for Tamboran Resources to unleash a carbon-bomb by fracking the Beetaloo Basin.

“This isn’t just a back door into parliament and influencing political decisions, it’s rolling out the red carpet for Tamboran to have all the information they need to get their way on Beetaloo.

“It’s bad enough when we see ex-parliamentarians and senior staffers heading straight into a lobbying role after they leave office – but in the NT, the lobbyists appear to be on the Parliamentary payroll.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and yet another case of poor decision-making from Chief Minister Fyles. The Northern Territory, democracy and the environment deserve better.”

As stated by NT Greens Convenor, Jonathan Parry

“The capture of the NT Labor government by big gas companies is disturbing and unethical. It is offensive to Territorians to have their elected members so blatantly disregard basic integrity.

“Frankly, I am disgusted that the Chief Minister would think it appropriate to spend taxpayers money getting political advice from the same firm lobbying for an expansion of fracking in the NT.

“It is becoming impossible to see where the Fyles Labor Government ends and the gas industry begins.

“We need a transparent lobbyist register for the NT that identifies those seeking to influence the government.”

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