Latest senate News

ACOSS commends parliament for working together to act on climate change Act
Climate bill sent to Senate: strong start to big task
Labor & Liberals Refuse to Centre Lived Experience on NDIS Committee
PM needs to choose: co-operation or confrontation?
Australians deserve an independent and adequately resourced administrative review system
Renaming of Max Planck Institute for Science of Human History
Uni wage theft investigation welcome sign
Whish-Wilson gains highest Greens Senate result across Australia
Petrusma needs to take action to prevent shocking toll on police frontline
Launch of Tasmanian Health Senate
Greens warn Labor not to adopt ‘take it or leave it’ approach
Ai Group congratulates new Liberal and Nationals leaders
New Water Minister should be South Australian, Greens say
Rockliff-Ferguson Budget cannot fail frontline paramedics again
Master Builders Congratulates Anthony Albanese And Labor On Forming Government
GREENS-SLIDE: Greens win mandate for action on climate and inequality
Senate accepting submissions for inquiry on application of UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Shine spotlight on parliamentary slackers and shirkers
Greens will ban clearing of koala habitat with no exceptions
Greens to preference Labor to kick Morrison out
Labor’s renewed Pacific commitment is welcome but not at expense of an Agriculture Visa with ASEAN
Crackdown on slave labour must be priority in new parliament
Disability minister should be disabled person
Change is coming
Researcher using 3D modelling to help with Ranger Uranium Mine site cleanup in Kakadu
Greens would fast track strong Labor ICAC through Senate
Australia’s worst kept secret: Government rules out federal ICAC
Senator patrick to keep up fight for federal icac
United Australia Party NOT preferencing Greens
Greens in Senate will ensure buybacks are restored to save River Murray
Harm of mandatory reporting recognised by Senate committee
Senate inquiry report backs increase in funding for general practice
Senate committee backs senator patrick’s call for royal commission into government’s response to Covid
Senator patrick refers government’s political appointments to auditor-general
Morrison continues to stack FWC on eve of election
Landmark Senate report recommends super be paid with wages
Live export betrayal will harm animals
Historic Win for First Nations Land Rights and Human Rights
Strengthening Australia’s relationships with Pacific- report published
First periodic report on Human Rights tabled
Firearms trafficking mandatory minimum sentencing undermines rule of law
TWU slams ATA proposal to give employers more control over fatigue monitoring in Australia’s deadliest industry
Flooding in Northern Rivers: inequality, meet climate change
AMA Council of Rural Doctors spoke at Senate Hearing on GP shortages
Senate to look at integrity of landfill gas carbon credit methodologies
Labor should stand up for fair-go economics & oppose Stage 3 shake up
Gov and Labor team up to protect research veto
Driving Australia’s digital revolution