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Greens Announce $767m ‘Caring for Country’ Plan to Prevent Another Juukan
Another day, another rort: Greens to push for vote on their National Integrity Commission bill
MUA Submission to Senate, Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport Legislation Committee
Labor’s JobKeeper capitulation
Greens’ integrity body scores top marks; PM’s model “weakest in country”
Industry brokers to build Australia’s manufacturing future
Key Accountability Committee Calls for Charity Regulations to be Scrapped
Freedom of Information changes go too far
Senator Honourable Scott Ryan
Retirement of President of Senate Senator Hon Scott Ryan
Boeing Statement on Senate Commerce Committee Report on Aviation Safety Oversight
Future Fund must divest from Adani
ACU withdraws from VET sector
Electoral reforms needed in Australia: report
Cashless Debit Card – 4BC
It’s time for action: improving food security in remote communities
Greens demand answers: did PM mislead parliament on climate summit invitation?
Greens are calling on senate crossbench to oppose making Cashless Debit Card permanent and to rule out ANY
Reservation fees A distraction from family law costs and delays flawed merger bill will cause
Amendments: Australia’s Foreign Relations Bill 2020
Relatives of workers killed on job speak in Canberra to push for nation-wide industrial manslaughter laws
More incentives are needed for venture capital and research and development as outlined by Senate Select Committee
Senate inquiry hears there is no evidence that higher Jobseeker rate has been a disincentive for people looking
Two thirds of Australians think corruption a big problem: time for action
Morrison Govt’s environment-wrecking laws dead in water, Senate Inquiry report shows
Cash ban sent to ash heap of history
Voting system in Victoria’s upper house is broken, must be overhauled
New Parliamentary Group Formed to Combat Violence Against Women
Hundreds of ACU Staff say No to Greg Craven’s job & pay cuts
Senate inquiry endorses Family Court reform Bills
Vaping decision closes loophole
ACTU Indigenous Conference plans renewed campaign against CDP
ABC independence must be preserved – MEAA
Trade Minister Must Wake Up in Face of China Timber Ban
Protecting Australian students
Government’s Sham ICAC Has No Friends
Greens Call for Parliamentary Standards
Senate Says Horses Should Not Die At Racetracks
Senate passes motions to set up aviation inquiry & to halt Qantas outsourcing
Senate casts doubt on proposed changes to lending laws
Aviation workers demand Senate inquiry into industry’s survival
19 Statement by Presiding Officers regarding on-going APH access
COVID-19 Statement by Presiding Officers regarding on-going APH access
People want an ICAC, Government offers them a sham: Bandt
ACOSS appearing at Senate Inquiry hearing today on JobMaker wage subsidy for people under 35
JobMaker scheme will churn workers through short-term, insecure jobs
Queensland Election sees ‘Green Wave’ continue
Racing Cannot Be Fixed