Cloud Immersion Day to unlock innovative use of technology in higher education sector

Businesses and organisations wanting to unlock the value of cloud technology are being urged to attend a free event on Thursday (17 October).

Hosted by the University of Newcastle in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Deloitte, and CSA, the Cloud Immersion Day will include a series of informative, immersive, and interactive stations, along with keynote speakers and roundtable discussions to help organisations understand the opportunities they can gain from cloud services.

The day will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore real and working proofs of concepts of how cloud technology can be used to solve key challenges and make organisations more productive and efficient.

According to the ‘Economic value of cloud services in Australia’ research report conducted by Deloitte Access Economics and AWS, 42 per cent of Australian businesses have so far adopted cloud. It reveals that while 76 per cent of large businesses have adopted at least one paid cloud service, only 36 per cent of small businesses are using cloud services.

Cloud computing removes the need for data, applications, software, and other IT resources to be stored on hard drives or servers located on-premise, instead making them accessible seamlessly and rapidly over the Internet via cloud services. For organisations, this means upfront investment in hardware, and its ongoing management, are no longer required and they only have to pay for as little or as much as they use.

The University of Newcastle is making a shift in investment to a cloud-first strategy. This will see it exit from an on-premise data centre and migrate to AWS cloud by September 2020.

Anthony Molinia, the University’s Chief Information Officer, said that the higher education sector is as equally impacted by cloud disruption as other sectors.

“The rise of any new technology can create disruption and require a shift in traditional business models and service offerings. Leaders in this space recognise the significant opportunities presented by cloud technology and by implementing a cloud-first strategy at the University of Newcastle, we will be able to offer students and researchers many benefits,” he said.

The ‘Economic value of cloud services in Australia’ research report also reveals cloud technology has delivered $9.4 billion over the last 5 years in terms of productivity benefits to the Australian economy.

“We are excited that University of Newcastle is transforming their campus management by adopting a cloud-first strategy with AWS,” said Vincent Quah, APAC Regional Head for Education, Research, and Not-For-Profit at Amazon Web Services, Worldwide Public Sector.

“This approach will enable the University to become more agile to free up precious IT resources to focus on critical areas of the university such as improving teaching and learning environments for students and educators. This will also help to accelerate research and allow students to innovate and come up with solutions to tackle our biggest community challenges.”

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