Community knowledge to drive sustainable change in Geelong region

The expertise of community members and industry experts will be harnessed to support the implementation of the Sustainability Framework 2020 and Action Plan 2020-2022.

Council has approved the establishment of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, which will provide feedback to council on sustainability issues. The committee’s Terms of Reference has also been endorsed.

The Sustainability Framework and Action Plan were adopted in July this year. The framework brings three key priorities of sustainability together for the first time at the City: focusing equally on environmental, social and economic strategies, plans and actions. The action plan aims to make the framework a reality through key short, medium and long-term initiatives.

An expressions of interest process will start in early November, seeking up to 12 members on three-year terms.

The City will search for members with a range of environmental management, social and community planning and financial and risk analysis expertise. At least one representative must have expertise or experience in environmental issues.

Public consultation on the framework and action plan generated significant interest from the community. The Terms of Reference have been developed to support the community’s continued involvement and feedback as the framework is implemented.

The formation of this committee has come about as a result of a request from the Council when it adopted the Sustainability Framework.

Mayor Stephanie Asher

Forming this committee aligns with several Sustainability Framework objectives, including the Council and City being guided by the needs and expectations of our community. We had a lot of feedback from passionate individuals and groups who clearly want to be involved in our sustainable future.

Our region is home to so many knowledgeable and experienced community members, so I encourage all those with an interest in sustainability to put their hand up for the committee in November.

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