Cost-of-living Ignored As Regional Hits Keep Coming

Liberal Party Victoria

The Allan Labor Government’s State Budget has disregarded the cost-of-living crisis, delivering a brutal reality for hardworking regional Victorians.

Households will be hit by dramatic hikes in both the fire services and waste levies, while funding for roads and agriculture continues to significantly lag behind past levels.

Our crumbling roads are getting worse, with road maintenance funding in this year’s Budget 16 per cent lower than 2020.

The real cost of road repair has soared, meaning regional Victorians will be forced to continue to dodge potholes.

The Liberals and Nationals pledged to spend $1 billion a year on road maintenance, and the Allan Labor Government is spending less than $700 million as the crisis worsens.

In another blow, agriculture funding also continues to drastically lag behind former levels.

The $496.6 million allocated in the budget is almost 30 per cent lower than the $687.3 million allocated in 2022-23.

In a double-whammy for household budgets, there will be massive hikes in both fire services and waste management levies.

The fire services levy will soar from $847 million in total to $1.433 billion in total, adding more cost-of-living pain for families.

It will cost Victorian families more to put the bins out, with the waste levy set to more than double from $64.55 to $169.79 per tonne, as of July 1 2025.

While hardworking families are forced to find extra money in their budgets to pay for Labor’s increased fees and charges they will get less for their money as Labor has delayed key hospital projects and stalled road projects.

For example, health projects, including in Maryborough and Swan Hill, will be delayed.

Leader of the Nationals, Peter Walsh, said the budget ignored the cost-of-living crisis.

“It does nothing to ease the pressure on hardworking regional families,” Mr Walsh said.

“In a meagre list of infrastructure projects for regional Victoria, just about all have their completion timelines delayed because the government simply doesn’t have the funds.

“The Allan Labor Government can’t manage money and regional Victorians are paying the price.”

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