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Davis – Beleaguered Ben Carroll must face music on train timetable changes at PAEC
Vallence – Taxpayers to pay for Labor’s toxic soil mess as foreign-owned contractors eligible for grants
Southwick – Andrews’ COVID-19 fines fall flat
Davis – Suburban Rail Loop – what are they building and where?
O’Brien-Staley – Double downgrade a disaster for Victoria
McLeish – Victorian school attendance on slide
Smith – Labor cuts local communities out of development approvals
O’Donohue – Southwick – Statement regarding Royal Commission into Management of Police Informants
Staley – Victoria’s jobs crisis continues
Staley – Labor refuses to rule out tax increases in state budget
Battin – Andrews Labor Government’s shallow learners permit announcement is six months too late
Battin – Labor dragged kicking and screaming to extend motorcycle learner’s permits
Crozier – Victoria must use NSW technology to track and trace
McLeish – Daniel Andrews needs to get Victorian students back to school
Davis – Lift Andrews’ curfew now
Smith – Altona and Geelong oil refineries at risk of closure – could cost 1050 jobs
Britnell – Labor spinning stories about Victoria’s regional roads
Smith – Daniel Andrews must act now to save 700 jobs and protect our fuel supply
Davis – Andrews makes wrong decision on airport rail – dismissing Fast Regional Rail
Southwick – Statement from Shadow Minister for Police & Community Safety
Smith – Labor lies yet again on promising renewables it won’t deliver
Battin – Andrews Labor Government continues to hide Youth Justice worker assaults
Davis – Labor gags debate to ram through its power grab
Smith – Daniel Andrews power plan is neither reliable nor renewable
Smith – Andrews oversees ridiculous regulatory delays for Victoria’s vital construction materials
Britnell – Border buffer back
Staley – More job pain for Victoria as second wave hits
O’Brien-Walsh – Liberal Nationals to oppose State of Emergency power grab by Andrews
Smith – Lights out and nobody’s home when it comes to Labor’s renewables
Staley – Job vacancies plummet in Victoria due to second wave
Smith – ACCC Report shows Labor’s gas moratorium has crippled supply
Smith – Divided Federal Labor shows not even his own party agrees with Andrews’ anti-gas approach
Staley – Victorian economy hit hard by second wave
O’Brien – More Victorian businesses set to close, worst of all states
Davis – Labor’s West Gate Tunnel concrete block transport debacle
Riordan – Andrews Labor Government shuts down search for truth over bungled
O’Brien – Statement from Leader of Opposition
O’Donohue – Statement on Hotel Quarantine Board of Inquiry
Smith – Victorians let down by Labor’s failed mine regulations – could cost
McLeish – DET caught out using decades old data to allocate funding
Angus – Stage Four Restrictions result in Real Estate Chaos
O’Brien – Victoria’s sole traders abandoned under Labor’s Stage 4
Smith – Labor’s botched attempt at fixing power line fires fails
Davis – Andrews’ toxic soil coverup
Southwick – Corrections in COVID chaos
Davis – Labor must come clean with public transport performance data
Southwick – Victoria’s hotel quarantine – 3rd time lucky?
Smith – Daniel Andrews’ renewables failure costing families