Latest Liberal Victoria News

Labor dodges detail on plan for health cuts, closures and amalgamations
Liberals and Nationals secure scrapping of Labor’s insidious Health Tax
Police Minister shifts blame and misleads on police pay negotiations
Victoria’s TAFE Budget under Labor is hollow and full of spin
The Liberals and Nationals do not support the Treaty process in Victoria
Minister dodges accountability as Labor protects their own
Labor fails promise on 100 million mRNA vaccines by 2024
Labor mismanagement leaves Victorians at risk of blackouts
Labor’s School Saving Bonus fails to deliver for Victorian families
Victorians pay the price for Labor’s major project mismanagement
Labor must explain abandoned 80,000 new homes a year promise
Statement From Leader Of Opposition 17 May
Labor’s Breakthrough Victoria Failing Taxpayers
Labor’s Green Certificate Scheme In Chaos
Liberals and Nationals to abolish Labor’s regressive Health Tax
TAC Raided By Labor To Prop Up Its State Budget
Labor Puts Up White Flag On Social Housing
Albanese’s North East Link bailout a vote of no confidence in Rail Loop
Victoria’s tourism sector to bear the brunt of Labor’s financial mismanagement
Energy Program Spending Cut In Labor’s State Budget
Veterans Snubbed In Cold-hearted Budget
Labor Must Reverse Cruel Cancer Research Cut
Rail Loop a political ploy as community infrastructure axed
Labor’s $21.5 billion in taxes crippling the property sector
Labor’s State Budget Fails Victorian Women
Geelong Duped By Fast Rail Hoax
Labor Strips $360 Million From Breakthrough Victoria
Labor’s State Budget Fails Budget Scorecard
Cost-of-living Ignored As Regional Hits Keep Coming
Labor hides Suburban Rail Loop blowout as western rail cut
Tenth Budget Proves Labor Cannot Manage Money
Labor’s Inaction On Domestic Violence Crisis
Victorian Households To Pay Labor’s New Home Owner Tax
Victorians to pay for Labor’s mismanagement of public insurer
S&P Urges Labor To Rein In Unsustainable Debt
Doubts over renewable energy targets as Labor’s SEC flounders
Labor sneaks through a ban on gas appliance support for Victorian families
Liberals and Nationals secure taskforce to audit dangerous asbestos
Report reveals critical gaps in flood recovery efforts by Allan Labor Government
Labor removes community voice for renewable energy projects
Labor Engages In Faux Rail Loop Community Engagement
Statement From Shadow Minister For Police
Emergency payment required to meet Labor’s record interest bill
Labor Must Take Action To Prevent Protest Disruption
Social Housing Availability Flatlines Under Labor
Labor’s Reckless Taxes Are Blocking Build Of New Homes
Minister needs to cut holiday short and agree to audit of public land
Student Absenteeism Continues To Worsen Under Labor