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Fast track Freedom Day for Regional Victoria
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Small business led recovery unlikely under Daniel Andrews’ roadmap
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Remembrance Day attendance under cloud of doubt
Lack of public housing data hides truth
Illogical rules starving food supply chain
Country schools, sport can safely reopen – sooner
Labor silent as supply chain buckles
Most Victorian businesses receive less COVID support than those in New South Wales
Labor’s lack of plan has pushed family violence and stalking offences to record highs
New plan to give hospitality and retail fighting chance
Christmas presents, goods threatened by Union strike
O’Herns Road upgrade $64.3 million over budget and more than two years late
Backing community sport to jump-start physical and mental health
AFL Grand Final but no reason to celebrate
Davis – Beleaguered Ben Carroll must face music on train timetable changes at PAEC
Vallence – Taxpayers to pay for Labor’s toxic soil mess as foreign-owned contractors eligible for grants
Southwick – Andrews’ COVID-19 fines fall flat
Davis – Suburban Rail Loop – what are they building and where?
O’Brien-Staley – Double downgrade a disaster for Victoria
McLeish – Victorian school attendance on slide
Smith – Labor cuts local communities out of development approvals
O’Donohue – Southwick – Statement regarding Royal Commission into Management of Police Informants
Staley – Victoria’s jobs crisis continues
Staley – Labor refuses to rule out tax increases in state budget
Battin – Andrews Labor Government’s shallow learners permit announcement is six months too late
Battin – Labor dragged kicking and screaming to extend motorcycle learner’s permits
Crozier – Victoria must use NSW technology to track and trace
McLeish – Daniel Andrews needs to get Victorian students back to school
Davis – Lift Andrews’ curfew now
Smith – Altona and Geelong oil refineries at risk of closure – could cost 1050 jobs
Britnell – Labor spinning stories about Victoria’s regional roads
Smith – Daniel Andrews must act now to save 700 jobs and protect our fuel supply
Davis – Andrews makes wrong decision on airport rail – dismissing Fast Regional Rail
Southwick – Statement from Shadow Minister for Police & Community Safety
Smith – Labor lies yet again on promising renewables it won’t deliver
Battin – Andrews Labor Government continues to hide Youth Justice worker assaults
Davis – Labor gags debate to ram through its power grab
Smith – Daniel Andrews power plan is neither reliable nor renewable
Smith – Andrews oversees ridiculous regulatory delays for Victoria’s vital construction materials
Britnell – Border buffer back
Staley – More job pain for Victoria as second wave hits
O’Brien-Walsh – Liberal Nationals to oppose State of Emergency power grab by Andrews