Could AI drive learning equity?


Tutor-style Generative AI set to benefit students and teachers

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the quest for equitable learning opportunities remains front of mind for parents and educators. Acknowledging the nationwide problem of educational inequality, a groundbreaking solution emerges: Generative AI tutoring tools support teachers in addressing disparities, ensuring equitable access for all students to quality education.

Generative AI is a mode of artificial intelligence that can craft a range of content based on user prompts. When purposefully designed and built, it can provide students and teachers with a safe, interactive, responsive tutor. It’s like a learning buddy that gives individual students the tailored help they need to keep up with the curriculum.

Unlike traditional approaches, AI serves as a complementary tool rather than a replacement for educators, offering tailored assistance to students in real-time.

Shirly Griffith, Director of Publishing at Jacaranda, highlights the transformative potential of Generative AI. “Gen-AI tools will profoundly level the playing field. It offers equal access to personalised teaching support that enhances teacher-led learning. When done well, this is how we can use AI for good in the classroom.”

The implications of Generative AI extend beyond addressing academic weaknesses; they pave the way for a holistic approach to learning support. By making personalized tutoring accessible to all students, regardless of financial means, educators can foster a culture of inclusivity and equality.

Shirly Griffith, who spent 18 years teaching in the classroom before delving into education resource development, invites us to envisage a world with reliable Gen-AI assistive tools at the fingertips of every student, precisely when they need it. “It’s a game changer – for teachers, for students, and for educational resource designers” says Griffith.

With the integration of Gen-AI tutoring tools into classrooms, educators stand to benefit significantly. Personalised learning experiences, instant feedback mechanisms, enhanced engagement, and improved time efficiency are among the key advantages offered by this technology.

With Gen-AI making waves across Australia, teachers and schools are eager to discover the answers to three key questions:

  1. What is Generative AI and how will it change our classrooms?
  2. How can teachers effectively use this technology to our advantage?
  3. Where can schools access safe and reliable sources of Gen-AI?

Join Leon Furze to address these concerns in an upcoming webinar hosted by Jacaranda titled “AI in the Classroom,” for a conversation about the transformative possibilities of AI in education to be hosted on 11 July 2024.

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