Council to consider petition on Bendigo East Swimming Pool

At the December 2023 Council Meeting, Council received a petition from the community requesting Council reconsider the Community Aquatic Facilities Strategy so that the Bendigo East Swimming Pool could remain a year-round heated pool.

The Community Aquatic Facilities Strategy was adopted in August 2023 with an amendment that Bendigo East Swimming Pool transition to a non-heated, seasonal pool following planned upgrades to Brennan Park Swimming Pool and subject to a Committee of Management being willing and suitably skilled to run the pool.

This petition is unrelated and separate to the recent announcement that the Bendigo East Swimming Pool will close on April 12 as it had become too costly for the Committee of Management to operate a gas-heated pool year-round.

Regarding the petition, it is recommended Council do not further adjust the Community Aquatic Facilities Strategy. It outlines the future provision of aquatic services in Bendigo and was adopted with amendments to transition Bendigo East Swimming Pool to a non-heated, seasonal pool and that Bendigo East Swimming Pool remaining a year-round, heated aquatic facility was not strategically supported.

The report to the March Council Meeting notes Greater Bendigo’s aquatic facilities have served the community well for decades but need modernisation to support a diversity in community users.

The adopted aquatic strategy will guide planning and decision making on the City’s pools over the next 10 years and sets out priority projects to be delivered, including limiting duplication of services.

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