Councillors Forced to Apologise for Their Opposition to Fascist Ideologies

JOINT PERSONAL STATEMENT OF City of Salisbury Councillors Severina Burner and Grace Bawden

Councillors Severina Burner & Grace Bawden have been directed by City of Salisbury Council that they “publicly apologise for their comments on social media”. To that end, Councillors Burner & Bawden wish to express their deepest apologies that Council feels it has a right to gag Councillors from expressing their personal views & those of a growing number of local constituents, condemning the World Economic Forum & United Nations’ oppressive & tyrannical plans for Australians.

Further, Councillors Burner & Bawden apologise to their constituents that Council:

  1. Feels it necessary to condemn their vigorous & public condemnation of Fascistic ideologies & practices.
  2. Feels it is justified in regulating anyone’s God-given right to free speech in a free & democratic country, by using tactics seen only under dictatorships.
  3. Feels emboldened & empowered to punish Councillors for wrong-think, which is not the proper role of Council or use of Council resources.
  4. Has abused its powers & authority to bully, threaten, intimidate & defame opponents of WEF/UN & SMART City programs, as “conspiracy theorists” & “right wing Fascists”. We believe City of Salisbury constituents deserve better consideration & respect than that.
  5. Has deliberately & knowingly manipulated, conflated & misconstrued our written language in ways that are intellectually dishonest, false & defamatory.
  6. Has shown a distinct intolerance to any “diversity” of political opinion, robust discussion or cultural experience in the community.
  7. Has “condemned” their condemnation of Nazism, Fascism & concentration camps; in whatever form they may have presented in the past & whatever form they may present in the future (including modern-day internment or refugee camps; also often referred to as “concentration camps” by radical, Left-wing activists in mainstream media).
  8. Has, extraordinarily, claimed that the “use of Nazi terminology” such as “Useless Eaters” & “Life Unworthy of Life” is offensive, in order to deny the right of Councillors to educate the public about the horrors of Nazi ideologies, including the philosophy & practice of Eugenics.
  9. Denies (“as purported “facts””) that Nazi Eugenicists wrote books with the title of “Life Unworthy of Life” & coined the term “Useless Eaters” – both terms & concepts which are currently used by WEF/UN proponents of Eugenics when referring to human beings as “hackable animals” & those whose life WEF/UN spokespersons deem to have no value. It is unfathomable why sharing historical facts should offend anyone.
  10. Is offended by the right of Councillors to engage in political discourse & public debate on any topic as they may deem fit.
  11. Is recalcitrant to the right of all Australians to free speech, thought, association, & civic participation; whether political, religious or spiritual.
  12. Has engaged in slander, slur & smear by innuendo of Councillors who have warned against the risks of corruption within local Councils under a digital surveillance state.
  13. Has violated its own Motion #3 of 31st January, 2023,

Item 5. a) Council has not & will not support the “creation of a new Social Credit Score System.” Claims stating otherwise appear to be made by some members of the community, & are false.

Ironically, by forcing Councillors into an ill-conceived public apology as an act of reprisal, where it is politically expedient to ensure their silence, Council is enacting its very own “Social Credit Score System”. Dissident Councillors are now risking disenfranchisement & even greater reprisals in the future should they defy Council’s obscene Motions.

  1. Has violated its own Motion #3 of 31st January, 2023,

Item 6. Council confirms that it respects & supports the right to privacy & freedom of the community within the confines of the law.

Yet, Council has now trespassed on the very right & freedom of the Councillors to free speech, according to current & existing laws.

The Councillors added, “We further apologise to our residents that Council never once in its motion dated 31st January 2023, in actual fact, by words & actions, condemned Fascism or Nazism, but instead condemned us reminding the public of how the Nazi’s governed during the Holocaust. This was a glaring & unforgiveable omission & we are deeply offended that Council has been so adversarial & hostile towards our opposition to Fascism & Nazism that it failed to notice such a glaring omission in its own Motion, raising the question “What is the point Council is trying to make?”.

Finally, we apologise to our residents that Council has ignored the fact that we are both “descendants… who have been impacted by the Holocaust” (according to Council’s own Motion) & the reason why our father & grandfather fled Europe to escape Communism. In fact, our father & grandfather was a scholar of European history & always spoke of the horrors of the Holocaust & the devastating impact it had on his family & ancestors who were displaced & murdered at the hands of Nazis. Our father & grandfather witnessed the murder of civilians as a toddler by German troops & later had his life threatened by Communists; resulting in his forced change of surname to deny him his heritage & birthright as a non-citizen.

Crs Burner & Bawden added, “We are disappointed that the Mayor has led the campaign to deny us the very rights, freedoms & liberties which we have championed on behalf of all residents, & which we warned would happen. It only proves how easily Councils can abuse their powers to deny, violate & inhibit the Constitutional rights, civil liberties & freedoms of residents. That’s not a “conspiracy theory”. You only have to witness how dissenting Councillors are treated by the Council “mob”. The Mayor forgets that we are not here to serve the interests of the Council “firm”, but to give a voice to our constituents without fear of censorship or reprisal. When Councillors are gagged from doing so, that’s exactly how crime, graft & corruption flourishes & we warned about that too!”.

/Public Release.