Customer Experience Company partners with CX Academy to bring CX Education to Australia

The CX Academy

he Customer Experience Company (CEC) and international firm The CX Academy.

Offering an internationally recognised standard for certified CX qualifications, employees will be able to


a professional certificate or diploma through self-paced, online study. The courses cover all the required

concepts and methodologies

used to deliver CX excellence through online learning modules including video lectures, best practice ‘real world’


and regular self-assessment opportunities and can be easily delivered through organisations of all sizes.

Contemporary customer experience, the fastest growing business discipline globally, helps organisations to differentiate themselves, to understand the power of advocacy, and ultimately to create an unbreakable bond with their customer. The CX Academy courses set the professional certification standard for Customer Experience learning with their university credit-rated and industry approved courses.

Students from over 30 countries and from companies such as Oracle, AXA insurance and ING Bank have completed the courses. Companies have reported increased staff and customer retention and satisfaction, as well as the ability to set themselves apart from competitors, particularly in market sectors that provide commoditised products and services.

CEC’s experience in the CX industry has proven that having an organisation-wide understanding of CX and its tools, skills and benefits is critical to success, explains Managing Director of CEC, Raj Mendes.

“Everyone within an organisation has an impact on CX, from finance to IT support, customer service to sales,” Mr Mendes says. “In order to provide an excellent experience for customers, the knowledge and tools of CX should be woven into the fabric of every department in your organisation. We believe that a deep understanding of CX within organisations can only occur through consistent training and education facilitated at scale”.

Julian Douglas, Head of The CX Academy, sees the courses as key to engaging customer advocacy and loyalty. “Enterprises of all sizes are investing significantly in the technical part of customer experience,” he explains “but do not typically invest at the same level into employee knowledge and soft skills which is equally as important in delivering the customer experience. We are committed to delivering better customer experience learning solutions for international markets to help enterprises increase customer engagement and set themselves apart, by bringing their people capabilities in line with their technical capabilities.”

The CX Academy and CEC partnership is supported by Enterprise Ireland, the State agency working with Irish enterprises to help them enter and succeed in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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