D-Day for Labor

Dean Young, Liberal Member for Franklin

A Friday showdown is set to seal the parliamentary fate of either David O’Byrne or Bec White.

As reported in today’s Mercury Newspaper, Labor’s National Executive will today meet to chart a pathway for the future of the anti-Tasmanian Labor Party.

Will the twice-rejected Ms White defy her landmark BecFlip-at-all-costs policy of pseudo-pragmatism and ensure Mr O’Byrne is not nominated to stand in Franklin?

To throw a spanner in the works, Mr O’Byrne’s sister will hold one of the deciding votes in today’s showdown.

A vote against Mr O’Byrne could well signal the beginning of the end for Ms O’Byrne parliamentary career, as Labor’s national power brokers continue to clean house.

Curiously, after rushing to announce a slate of candidates this week, Ms White conveniently forgot to mention that she has yet to receive formal approval of her personally-picked candidates from Labor’s National Executive, who will consider them today.

Whatever the result today, Tasmanians continue to be the losers from having a Labor opposition that is hopelessly negative, divided, continuing to be administered from Labor overlords in Canberra.

In stark comparison, the Rockliff Liberal Government will continue getting on with the things that actually matter, building homes, creating jobs and helping Tasmanians put food on the table for their families.

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