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Vision, ambition and solid plan to power nation
White must answer no confidence questions
Transcript: Interview with Peta Credlin, Sky News Australia, Credlin Monday, 18 October 2021
Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP. Interview with Michael Rowland, ABC News Breakfast Monday, 18 October 2021
Hon. Barnaby Joyce, MP. Interview with Nat Barr, Channel 7 Sunrise Monday, 18 October 2021
Health workforce at record high
Labor welded to Greens’ shameful attack on mining jobs
Labor’s Buy Australian Plan to Support Australian Businesses and Jobs in COVID Recovery
Morrison Government continues to support essential workers, women and young Australians
For greatness and glory
Tasmania to fight for our fair share
Inaugural Jean McLean Oration
Labor chaos deepens as McGregor renews legal action
More scaremongering from Labor, but still no policy
Politicizing Insurance Inquiry not helping small business: Ombudsman
Time to act – Labor must support mandatory minimum sentences for convicted child sexual offenders
Union demerger laws must be resisted by Labor, cross bench
Labor launches child care Calculator
Amendments: Australia’s Foreign Relations Bill 2020
Johnathan Davis – Inaugural Speech to ACT Legislative Assembly
Polling: Government popularity slumps amidst secrecy concerns
Labor to oppose Commissioner for Defence & veteran suicide Prevention
Positive growth for Payroll jobs
Federal Seat Polling: Overwhelming Support for Anti-Corruption Body With Teeth
Helping Australians return home
Emissions reduction and renewable energy sectors remain resilient through 2020
Greens’ Grab Bag Alternative Budget
Statement by Ben Wyatt confirming retirement at 2021 State election
Research shows why Labor’s child care plan is needed
Huge vote of confidence in job-creating State Budget from positive industry and stakeholder groups
SA Labor shows way with clear opposition to bizarre electric vehicle tax
AFPA welcomes appointment of Ed Husic as shadow agriculture spokesperson
Australian minerals industry thanks Joel Fitzgibbon for strong advocacy
AFPA commends Fitzgibbon for his leadership on forestry and rural policy
NAIDOC 2020 – Always was, Always Will be
Eden-Monaro by-election: Party funding payments finalised
ACT Labor-Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for 10th Legislative Assembly for Australian Capital
AMCS will push for Queensland government to protect our Reef and oceans
Oil and gas reforms key to Queensland’s energy future
Majority government may be pipe dream for LNP
Palmer video highlights truth behind Labor’s death tax risk
Huge land tax savings for mum and dad investors, as reform drives jobs growth
Anthony albanese & penny wong
A budget for some of us
Labor fails to muzzle Palmer
Greg Dowling ousts Jenny Hill and Labor Party plot
ACTCOSS says election result an opportunity for a fairer Canberra
Queenslanders appalled by lack of transparency: Anna Palmer