Latest Mercury News

Search For Yacht Continues 6 June
Government Welcomes Smelter Agreement
Peak environment group blasts taxpayer-funded extension of coal plant
NZ Police Investigate Fishy Theft, Ask Public For Help
Date and venues confirmed for Cathedral Cove drop-in sessions
Nations unite to eliminate mercury-containing medical devices
NZ’s big chill was an early winter warning: power should be subsidised for struggling households
Road Safety Priority For Budget
Exoplanet WASP-69b has a cometlike tail – this unique feature is helping scientists like me learn more about how planets evolve
News Corp Australia and NRMA Insurance unite to launch campaign calling for urgent action to fix Bruce Highway
Community invited to have their say on Draft Budget 2024/25 and other key strategic documents
Searching For Clues In Fly-by
Frustrated Jet In Centre Of Milky Way
Mercury Commits To $1.15m Safety Spend
Earth, the Sun and a bike wheel: why your high-school textbook was wrong about the shape of Earth’s orbit
In the Field: UW researchers traveling to capture total solar eclipse
How medieval chroniclers interpreted solar eclipses and other celestial events
Why there may be oceans inside dwarf planets beyond Pluto – and what this means for the likely abundance of life
NPI Data Show Improvements In Emission Trends 3 April
Boosting workers’ pay will help Australians not just to get by, but to get ahead
Parity Anomaly Demonstrated In Topological Insulator
Stellar murder: when stars destroy and eat their own planets
Liberals likely to easily win most seats in Tasmania; huge swings to LNP at Queensland byelections
White Opens Door To Governing With Support Of Greens
Auxiliary donation improving patient care at Lithgow Hospital
Labor holds Dunkley but slumps in two national polls; Liberals lead in Tasmania
Changes To ANZ Boards
Government boost to fight against caulerpa
Carisbrook Mercury – Cr Anna De Villiers
Premier shoves cost-of-living crisis aside to worry about himself 03 February 2024
Stargazer’s guide to heavenly events in 2024
The Solar System used to have nine planets. Maybe it still does? Here’s your catch-up on space today
No end in sight for Metro’s service cuts 15 January 2024
Coastal experiences put emphasis on history
Energy savings on Australia’s largest flexible demand trial
New report: Gentailer dividends a barrier to energy decarbonisation and lower energy prices
The Geminids: the year’s best meteor shower is upon us. And this one will be a true spectacle
Giant doubts about giant exomoons
ANSTO joins the international effort to protect people and the environment from the effects of the contaminant mercury
D-Day for Labor
Mackay ‘resources workhorse’ for Qld
Source of electron acceleration and X-ray aurora of Mercury ̶ local chorus waves detected
Are we about to see a rare green comet light up the sky? An expert on what to expect from Nishimura
Healthy Ocean Act – Marama Davidson Speech
Distinctive boat and trailer worth more than $100,000 stolen in Wendouree
19 July 2023, Mayor Cr Grace La Vella-The Carisbrook Mercury
When the stars align: Astronomers find answers to mysterious action of ghost stars in our Galaxy