Doctors Condemn Morrison For Abandoning Assange


Doctors Condemn PM Morrison for Abandoning Julian Assange to US Deportation.

“The Australian Doctors for Julian Assange today condemns the Australian PM Morrsion for abandoning Australian citizen Julian Assange to a possible life threatening deportation to the USA ,as a result of the UK court decision today ,even though Julian Assange has correctly reported possible US war crimes in Iraq an action that would not be illegal for any US citizen.”said Dr Robert Marr a spokesman for Australian Doctors for Assange

“Julian Assange faces a possible death sentence by being deported to the USA for only doing his job as a journalist in revealing US war crimes in Iraq.’said Dr Marr

“As Doctors we call on the Australian Prime Minister Morrison to immediately seek the release of Australian citizen Julian Assange before he is deported to the USA where he may die in a US prison for simply doing his job as a journalist revealing US war crimes in Iraq .”said Dr Marr

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