Doctors Condemn Politcally Driven Covid Management

Doctors Reform Society

“Australian lives could be put at risk by apparently politically driven covid management decisions “said Dr Con Costa Vice President Australian Doctors Refrom Society

“Some of the guidlines around reducing isolation times for covid infected health staff which apply in the community are not appropriate in hospitals where we need to be more cautious.”said Dr Costa

“Mr Morrisons apparently politically driven decison to not provide free RA tests to everyone who needed them , unlike the USA and UK,and just let the private sector profit from their sale is putting Australian lives and livelihoods at risk as most Australians including many health workers cannot obtain RA tests and thus are unable to check their covid health”said Dr Costa

“I am a GP and I know that hospitals are not coping with the covid crisis and many patients are missing out on vital health care including vital elective surgery and preventive services”said Dr Robert Marr GP and Secretary of Australian Doctors Reform Society

“It will take a long time for Australias health system to recover with many patients not receiving needëd health care resulting in more serious illness and possibly even preventable deaths”said Dr Marr

“Hospital safety standards must not be reduced and Mr Morrison must not reduce the isolation time for hospital staff who have covid and must increase funding for all state governments hospital systems so they can pay bonuses to nurses to stay in the hospital system before we lose even more vital staff”said Dr Robert Marr

“Nurses are becoming burnt out and are leaving hospitals every day and Mr Morrison should immediately fund a national program called “Nurse Keeper” to provide a bonus for every nurse who stays in the hospital system for the next 12 months.”said Dr Marr

“Mr Morrsion must also immediately provide free RA tests to all Australians so that they can quickly check their health and not have to waste time trying tio find and buy RA tests.”said Dr Costa

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