ENERGY: Get it, Guard it, Give it. By Lisa O’Neill

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Lisa O’Neill is obsessed with inspiring humans into action, and her new book Energy is a must-read guide for anyone who wants to feel more energised and intentional about their energy – giving it, getting it and guarding it.

Whether you’re feeling exhausted and depleted, or want to build on the good energy you already have, Lisa’s new book is full of practical energising advice.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day, but the secret of the most highly-effective people is their energy. If you can harness your energy, then you can get the most out of yourself, your work, your life and your relationships.

Boosting engagement, energy, excellence and enthusiasm is Lisa’s specialty – in the workplace and in our everyday lives. If you’re interested in exceeding your customers’ expectations, leading your team to greatness or being as effective as possible in your personal life, then your energy is the first place to start.

As a sought-after speaker, author and leadership mentor, Lisa has a reputation for being a high energy force on and off stage, and has spent 25 years learning to better understand energy, after she lost all of her energy in an adrenal collapse at the age of 26.

“So many things contribute to and contaminate your energy, but most of us are unaware of them. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want more energy,” says Lisa.

Energy is a practical, funny, motivating and inspiring book brimming with real-life examples, actionable tips and quick wins to impact your energy instantly.

Like a wise friend whispering into your ear, Lisa will challenge you to take a look at every aspect of your life with fresh eyes, exploring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, and the factors that impact each part of your energetic life.

From the food you eat and the way you move, to your sleep habits, the relationships in your life and the impact of your emotions, Lisa will help you think about your energy in new and life-changing ways.

This is a call-to-arms for people who want to find more energy, live an excellent life and increase their impact in the world. So don’t reach for that coffee or chocolate bar, pick up a copy of Energy and tune into your natural energy – today is the first day of the rest of your energised life!

About the Author

Lisa O’Neill is a keynote speaker who delivers powerful messages laced with honesty and humour. After losing all her energy at age 26,

Lisa has spent 25 years learning about people and energy. She mentors business owners and individuals who want to explore their potential, and creates transformative experiences for organisations.

She is obsessed with personal development, running programs and retreats where people can re-energise and redesign their worlds.

Energy is her sixth book.

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