Epidemic of broken hearts triggered by violence and injustice

University of the Sunshine Coast
Love is the answer as violence and injustice help to create an epidemic of broken-heartedness across Australia, according to University of Sunshine Coast social work academic and ‘love theorist’ Dr Dyann Ross.

“Our senses are facing an onslaught of harm and injustice that we can’t avoid witnessing and our hearts can’t avoid feeling, that is especially heightened during the holiday season,” Dr Ross said.

The presenter of the podcast “Love Theorist” offers a new theory of heartbreak and the power of love in a recently published book, based on almost five decades of experience in social work, and her own personal insights

“We tend to understand the overwhelming grief and sadness of heartbreak in limited ways such as lost loved ones and relationships, but this needs to extend to other types of losses and harms to grasp the depths of pain involved.”

The heartbreak many seem to be experiencing is being caused by lovelessness, violence and injustice

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