Exmouth trial to test two-way Electric Vehicle charging potential

  • Horizon Power to test Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in Exmouth through trial
  • Trial to develop utility’s understanding of how Electric Vehicle (EV) energy flow can be incorporated into microgrids
  • Gascoyne Development Commission, Shire of Exmouth, Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and WA Country Health Service to participate in trial

An Electric Vehicle (EV) orchestration trial in Exmouth will test the potential for EVs to draw power from the grid and feed it back into the network.

Horizon Power is conducting the trial – which is Western Australia’s first trial of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capability – to test the capability of its management system and to allow EVs to act as mobile energy storage solutions.

If successful, V2G could help power homes, reduce power bills, and stabilise the electricity grid.

Horizon Power will commence the 12-month trial this month, in partnership with the Gascoyne Development Commission, Shire of Exmouth, Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and WA Country Health Service, which operates Exmouth Hospital.

Each will receive a Nissan Leaf EV equipped with V2G smart-charging equipment and will be encouraged to use the vehicles as normal.

Exmouth was selected as its tourism-reliant economy means energy consumption fluctuates due to daily and seasonal demand, especially during school holiday periods.

The trial’s outcomes will enable Horizon Power to understand how automated orchestration of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) assets can help increase and optimise the use of renewable energy through EVs while maintaining network reliability.

Jet Charge will supply the V2G WallBox Quasar smart charger to be used for the trial, with a local Exmouth electrical contractor to provide support and maintenance for it as required.

As stated by Energy and Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby:

“This trial represents a significant milestone for WA’s renewable energy uptake.

“The outcomes of this trial will allow Horizon Power to understand how two-way EV charging can contribute to a sustainable and efficient energy future for our State.

“This builds on the Cook Labor Government’s commitment to delivering vital infrastructure to support the uptake of EVs throughout WA, including through the WA EV Network and the provision of Charge Up grants.”

As stated by Mining and Pastoral Region MLC Peter Foster:

“I’m excited for this trial. There are unique challenges to powering regional towns where the population can grow and shrink dramatically depending on the time of year.

“This is one potential way to improve power reliability and stability.

“It’s great to see collaboration between State Government, local governments, and local business leaders to come up with innovative solutions like this.”

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